So some propagandisto decided that creating a new layer of the bullshit onion would be a good idea, only they did not think this one through. It seems to have been designed for race baiting.

Manipulative Media is now pushing a narrative that the 666 sign, somehow means “White Power”?


First they tell you it meant “A ok”, now “white power”??? Seriously? This is what you call a “hand job”…

Meanwhile, reality has not changed, only the perception.

There is information and disinformation, but only one truth.

This symbol has long been the “666” sign that allegiant Luciferians sport to show their special affiliation.

Ya see, they even have a snappy meme about it. So you know it’s true…

This film touches on a few relative points.

“Hollywood Exposed” (2017)

If you really beLIEve that 666 sign means “White Power” because the shiny man on TV said so, let’s hear your explanation for why all those powerful black people are sporting that “White Power” sign?

I’ll make the popcorn while you “think” about how you are gonna cover that…. while scrolling through a few examples.

Don’t miss his special ring…


Point received? But wait there’s more if you act now we’ll throw in the deluxe package….

Still beLIEve it means “White Power”?

White magick? Maybe… White Power? No.

Here’s some bonus extra credit material. You might recognize these…

Swastika has one real meaning. It is the Black Sun. It goes 2 directions, symbolized by right and left.

NAZIS used it because they knew the power of it. But it is NOT a NAZI sign. It does not mean NAZI. Regardless of association or what one may be “led” to beLIEve. It means the Black Sun. Most people don’t even know it exists despite all the symbolism surrounding them. They would prefer you think it’s some Nazi shit than realize what the Black Sun is…. AMEN…

If you’d like to learn some truth about eclipses, research the black sun. You can start in Vedic cosmology it is called Rahu. “Rahu ate the sun”. Follow that rabbit down the hole.

Don’t ask NASA though, they will tell you it doesn’t exist…

Ask why there are over 50 documented eclipses with both the sun and moon on Earth’s horizon…??? I personally witnessed one myself.

Whoops. Earth is innocent… AMEN.


Black Sun. Dog Star. Dark Star. Rahu. AMEN. The Hidden One.

You did not see the moon that day. And the “object” that caused this eclipse was moving the opposite direction of the moon…

The moon is innocent… AMEN is guilty.

“Rahu ate the sun”

Just to be clear, if you haven’t gotten it thus far,,,, AMEN is the Black Sun / the Black Sun is AMEN. When you conclude your prayer with AMEN you acknowledge the Black Sun God.

NOPE It does NOT mean “so be it” in Hebrew. It means AMEN, always has. You just got hoodwinked. Like when they told you the 666 sign meant “A ok”, or “White Power”… Funny how deceptive those little Luciferians are…?

The black sun is energy. It is power. It is not a mythological creature. It’s important.

RA was the sun. You see the sun’s energy and power. You know it to be real.

We don’t see the black sun’s power/energy. [Maybe that’s why it’s called “The Hidden One”…?]

We were told it doesn’t exist. We question whether it’s real?

And yet we tap into it’s power unwittingly when you pray to AMEN… Think about that.

Cymatics is very important in this reality… So is spiritual law…. and etymology…. consent and binding agreements…. Why do you think most every “religion” wants to get you into a soul contract with their special deity, or version thereof?

Think about that twice… maybe three times, until you get it… or not.

Moving on…

Some people beLIEve a steeple is an “antenna to god”…

In reality it is the giant severed erect penis of the pagan god Osiris.

Yep. A big hard pagan god’s cock on the roof of your church.

While you scream AMEN as the preacher rocks on!

Btw God and Lord both mean BAAL

And Jesus is the son of Zeus. Iesous (Cymatics is soooo important to understanding this) If not see the fun section on covert paganism AKA “Christianity”.

Tsarion breaks down the intricate details of symbolism here. Symbolism is a universal language, yet most are symbol illiterate. It’s all around you. You should really know…

There’s so much more, but point made.

They don’t want people to know their symbolism, so they invent other meanings.

Information and disinformation… Only one truth. It’s your responsibility to discern.

Once the minions realize the lies, “Symbolism will be their downfall”… The interweb never forgets.