Full-service commercial multimedia content creation.
“I create stuff, to promote things.”

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If you need fresh media content to promote your latest venture, please consider our creative production services.
With over 35 years experience we have the background, mojo and talent to create whatever you need, for a fair rate.
Covering multi media formats such as commercials, films, documentaries, interviews, reviews, music videos, concerts, travel / back country adventure & reality shows, motion resumes, annual reports, infomercials, crowdfunding campaigns, trainings / tutorials, talk shows, sports coverage, top secret tech, behind the scenes, events, stock catalog footage, timelapse and animation.
Creative projects handled from inception to completion.
Concept creation, brand design, research, copy writing, story boarding, direction and production.
Cinematography,  videography, stop motion animation, time lapse, effects, post / editing.
Music composition / songwriting, arrangement, recording and mixing.
Voice over /acting.
Audio engineering, sound design, recording and mixing.
Teleprompter operation.
Commercial product, editorial and promotional still photography.


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