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A peaceful background to combat noise pollution, noisy neighbors, construction, airports, traffic, loud parties, or busy offices, Soniscape creates a peaceful environment to allow you to sleep, work or relax.

The Noise Pollution Solution

SoniScape is a noise neutralizing soundscape composed of multi-layered natural sounds that creates the sensation that you are surrounded by a waterfall.

It is engineered to mask out disruptive noises in all audible frequency ranges while creating a sedate, calming effect.

SoniScape provides a peaceful background for living, working and sleeping.

This video covers most everything you ever wanted to know about SoniScape,as well as an example of effectiveness.

We’re setting up the website to handle sales independently…
All downloads are on sale while we test & verify everything works properly.
Please let us know how the process works for you so we can change any issues.

***If there are any problems downloading the file please contact us and a manual download link will be sent ASAP.
Please be patient, due to current events response times may vary wildly… 🙂


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SoniScape MP3 Download

MP3 tracks work great for traveling on planes, trains, automobiles or anywhere else you need a little peace to help you relax or sleep while mobile.

Full one hour SoniScape MP3 download for $9.95 [now on sale for $7.77] via Paypal.

Get your SoniScape CD by clicking the “Buy Now” link below.

SoniScape 1 hour MP3 Download

Also available on CDBaby,
Or iTunes
Just open iTunes and enter SoniScape in the search option.

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SoniScape Mega 10 hour, long-play download 

A new audio format has allowed us to make a SoniScape that will play for 10 hours continuously. This track includes a new mix that has a stronger low frequency noise mask that is even more effective at masking noisy low things such as upstairs neighbors stomping, thump mobiles, neighborhood garage bands and anything else that’s low down… It sounds really nice, in addition to the running waterfall this version includes a subtle mix of crickets and night river frogs that make you feel like you are sleeping near a mountain stream under the stars.
The digital download will play on most any device with mp3 capability. It is 1.4 GB.

The SoniScape Mega track is $34.56 [now on sale for $23.45] and is only available through this site.

Soniscape MegaMongo




SoniScapeMIXCover2BC copyClick to hear a sample.

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Download a Soniscape brochure Page 1 Page 2

Download SoniScape “tips for use ” tutorial.

This short guide will give you all the information that you need to most effectively use your SoniScape

Want more info… ?


SoniScape is a “natural-sound” composition designed to mask out disruptive noises while creating a sedate, calming effect; providing a peaceful background for living, working and sleeping.

SoniScape functions similar to “white noise” generators or “noise-canceling” devices. However, SoniScape works more effectively, is enjoyable to listen to and is much more affordable. And, since it comes on a CD or MP3 you can take it anywhere.

SoniScape sounds great but it is not just some pretty sounding nature CD. SoniScape is engineered with a unique “Sound Wall” track, which is comprised of multiple tuned layers of natural sounds. This allows SoniScape to cover the entire audible frequency range, from the lowest thumping bass to the highest screaching car alarm, and serve as a total sound mask to not allow other disruptive sounds to pass through; providing you with a serene, natural background. It also works the other way around, if you are in an environment/profession where your conversations need to be kept private, SoniScape can help protect your secrets from curious ears.

SoniScape has many uses, providing a peaceful background while you are

*Sleeping (bedrooms, hotel rooms, baby rooms)



*Entertaining guests

*Traveling (on a plane next to a screaming baby or stuck in traffic next to a screaming adult)


* Camping in RVs or tents in crowded campgrounds.

*Or any other time you may want a serene sound barrier against noise pollution.

For commercial applications it serves as a nice background for businesses such as a dentist or doctor’s office, retail store, massage therapist, spa, hotel, retirement center, asylum or school. It can be used for sensitive private meetings to mask-out your conversation to others that may be eavesdropping.

Soniscape can help create a nice environment for cubicles, lobbies, break rooms, board rooms, padded rooms, study rooms or even outdoor landscaping. Additionally, it can save you money as it does not require royalty payments to ASCAP or BMI for use in public domain.

SoniScape was designed and tested specifically for masking out

*Noisy neighbors, loud music, loud conversation, stomping (upstairs), or lawncare machinery

*Planes, trains and automobiles

*Construction (or destruction)

*Children, (yours or someone else’s) Parents, (knocking around while babies are trying to get in a good nap) I have recently found this to be an indespensible tool to soothe my infant daughter, wether in the car on road trips or in her room for naptime.

*Nighttime critters, coyotes, dogs, mischievous raccoons or snoring spouses

*Whether you are disturbed by noise pollution or not, you will enjoy the environment created by this recording.


“Necessity is the mother of Invention”. SoniScape was created by composer Brett Houston as a solution to a rather annoying problem, his neighbors, or specifically, noise pollution. “One day, after escaping to the mountains, as I was sitting on a peak overlooking a waterfall I realized how quickly the sounds and sights worked to recharge and refresh me. I had the idea to combine the peaceful elements of nature to help combat the negative elements of urban life.”

Here’s an old video of typical life underneath the neighbors that inspired me to create SoniScape.



SoniScape makes use of the technique called “sound-masking”, which is to basically to hide one sound behind another of a similar frequency.

It was created using several layers of natural “base” sounds that were tuned, equalized, transposed and blended to cover the entire frequency range that humans can hear. This functions as the masking portion of the track.

Several “top” layers such as mountain streams and waterfalls were then added to create the sense of being in nature. SoniScape took over 2 years to conceive, develop and test. As you listen, you consciously tune into the sound of a waterfall. Although, there are actually 12 different layers of sounds working together to create a sedating effect that masks out disruptive sounds.

How effective is it?

SoniScape will mask most any sound as long as it is slightly louder than the offending noise, while played on a full-range (20hz-20khz range) sound system. In other words, using it on your laptop speakers to cover low frequency rumbling from a neighboring garage band rehearsal/house party (although helpful), will not be adequate to completely cover the audible onslaught. It has nothing to do with SoniScape’s capabilities but the fact that laptop speakers can not produce low bass frequencies. However if you use a full-range speaker system with a sub woofer it is very effective, ensuring that you will rest peacefully undisturbed while the mayhem goes on around you.

In most cases it only takes a low to moderate volume level to be effective, however in extreme cases where you may need higher volume levels, long-term use could become uncomfortable, however if you can not reduce the noise levels around you, this will be your best option as it is much more enjoyable to listen to. Until a remote control can be created to make other humans be considerate and respectful, SoniScape is the next best solution available…

Be aware that extreme noise levels can cause hearing damage or loss. For more info about the dangers of noise click here.

The other added benefit I have noticed from years of use is that it creates a calming effect on people and pets. This is another component that helps one deal with noise issues, and when used in peaceful situations is a great standalone tool for promoting relaxation.

This is a great way to test your speaker system for Soniscape.
If your system does not produce the low frequencies, it will not effectively neutralize them. 20 hz -20 khz range is ideal.
Speaker test


“I am a very light sleeper and this is the only way I make it through the night with my noisy neighbors”. Beverly W., Dallas

“SoniScape made it possible for me to sleep while my boyfriend stays up late working around the house. ” D. Fox, Los Angeles

“It really does cover up the sounds I hear from my next-door neighbor. I really like the rushing water sound and find it very relaxing”. Alan Abrams, New York

“SoniScape lulls my baby to sleep quickly and keeps her from waking when the dogs bark or people come to the door ”. P. Weaver , New Orleans

” I can never sleep on planes and travel every other week. The sounds immediately bring peace while playing and I am able to fall right asleep”. Lara Lange, Baltimore

“I truly believe that there is nothing better on the market for this purpose, if there was I would have bought it: Instead I invested years of my life to create SonisScape. Although it is not an absolute cure, it’s the best solution that I am aware of”. Brett Houston

Here is a link to a letter I wrote about other possible solutions that you can try to solve your noisy neighbor related issues.

Soniscape was designed to maintain a constant, steady flow of sound. This allows it to be used for indefinate periods of time without fatigue. This also permits you to think clearly or have a conversation without distraction; and, for use while sleeping, it will help you rest undisturbed.


Audio Samples


New SoniScape Night Falls

Tips for use.

By using the EQ controls on your stereo you can custom tune the track to adapt to your environment. For example, if you have noisy upstairs neighbors who stomp around a lot or play music with loud, thumping bass you would turn up the bass on your track. If you are hearing car alarms or honking at 3 am you might tune the EQ to a higher frequency.

It works best to surround yourself with the speakers. Basically, sound is a vibration; you can use the vibration of the SoniScape from your speakers to knock down sound waves/vibrations from the disturbing source. For example, place the speakers above your head for upstairs neighbors, or on the floor for downstairs neighbors. If you are dealing with traffic noise, place the speakers facing the windows, etc. Feel free to experiment for best results.

SoniScape is most effective when played on a hi-fi system using 3-way speakers containing a 12″ woofer. Even better, try a 5-1-surround system with sub-woofer! A strong bass response is key, as bass will cut through brick walls like butter, you need bass to fight bass.

The track is over an hour long and can be looped indefinitely by selecting the “repeat 1” mode on your CD player for continuous play.

An important key to successful noise masking is in your sound system configuration and speaker placements. Feel free to contact us for advice using your existing system for best results or concerning our professional system sales, installations and configurations for commercial or residemtial applications.

Download full SoniScape “tips for use ” page.

SleepPhones is an innovative new product that allows you to sleep wearing comfortable, high quality headphones, (with a strong bass response) and play your SoniScape. It works great with your Ipod! Click here for more info.

Other noise pollution solution resources

School for champions includes some great info on the science of noise!

Coming soon…

We are working on a new home security track that can be played in a loop while you are gone that leaves would-be burglars the impression that you are home. So much more effective than leaving on a tv or lights on a timer.

Coming soon, SoniCon, a track made specifically to condition and pre-age string instruments to sound “vintage” in hours instead of years. SoniCon works using sympathetic vibration across the entire frequency range of the instrument, to break down the woods cell structure and allow it to vibrate more freely, simulating years of playing in a matter of hours. It can make your new laminate upright bass sound like it’s 5o years older without waiting and playing for 50 years. Still in testing phase, please contact us if you would like to contribute as a beta tester. (Completely safe for your instrument)

Also, in response to popular request we will soon be releasing a new track to play for your disrespectful neighbors that will serve as a “training aide”, helping them to realize just how bothersome suffering through someone else’s noise can be.

Send us an email if you are interested and we can put you on the waiting list to be notified when they are released.


Click here if you would like more information regarding SoniScape sales, becoming a distributor or setting up a commercial or residential soundscapesystem,

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For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the infamous “Instant Kharma Machine”, here’s a fun video.

The IKM was a a noisy neighbor retraining device I created to deal with some HORRIBLE neighbors. It was a very effective tool for urban warfare, however it didn’t do much to help me sleep like SoniScape did. ..