This track is formatted to play uninterrupted for 10 hours continuous in any Ipod / mp3 player, or most any computer media player. Being able to commercially offer a 10 hour continuous track was a feat that took years to accomplish; most of which was waiting for digital technology to allow a single file of that size.

You can choose to “loop” the file so that it may play continuously.
That function can be selected in the application that you choose to play it, whether that be Itunes, Quicktime or Windows Media etc.

To mask out noises with heavy bass, (upstairs feet stomping, music) you’ll need to play it on a sound system with a subwoofer capable of producing heavy bass.

For other functions and special tips for use please see the brochure.

Here is a link if you would like to download the brochure.

The “tips for use” page can be downloaded here