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“I write the songs, so you don’t have to…”

Soundtracks, Jingles, business /commercial / promotional tracks, or unique gifts for friends, family, loved ones

Samples and examples


It’s simple, just provide me with all the info about the subject/individual/business etc and the style of music that you would like and I’ll write the song for you.

It can be a hilariously embarrassing birthday roast, sappy love song, practical joke, impractical joke, marriage proposal, vow renewal, break-up, divorce or even a fun revenge song. It’s a great custom made gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or funeral / memorial service. Or a unique way to send a special message; congratulations on your new job, congratulations on your new boob job, get well soon, I’m sorry I ran over your cat with my lawnmower, I love you, I hate you, hey, you still owe me that $500 from that time you got drunk and punched a circus clown in Tijuana and I had to bail you out of jail, or whatever you may want or need.

We even offer a fun theme song service which is usually a 30 second piece that can be about anyone or anything, (you, your love thing, your ex-love thing, friends, family, pets, body parts, political candidates, football rivalry, slanderous joke, bosses appreciation before annual review, ex-bosses “appreciation” after you were fired etc) (Check out “Rabs” below as a theme song example.)

Commercial uses can apply as well; for example a business commercial, promotional piece (thanks for doing business with us, or please consider doing business with us etc), or whatever you may need.

We can record your song in a pro studio with a full band or do a simple version with acoustic guitar and vocal and send you a copy in CD and mp3 format. Or if you are in LA, (or have a serious budget with travel expenses) we can perform it live at your event.

A personal message with your voice (including friends and family) can be included as an introduction. Or if you are in the area or have a digital recorder, broadband and a little talent, sing it yourself.

It’s a truly unique gift that they will always remember. (Many people have said that this was the “best gift they have ever received”.)

*All songs are certified Organic, non-GMO, free-range, gluten-free and are never tested on animals…


Rates and Services

There are 2 options.

  1. Create a personalized song using any existing song in the catalog as a backing track, with fresh new lyrics and vocal track. (There are many backing tracks to choose from (other than those listed here or elsewhere on the site)

Full length song $225

Theme song $175

  1. Create a fresh, unique song/jingle/theme in any style from scratch, recorded with acoustic guitar and vocal. $475

Add additional instrument tracks to any recording. (For example drums, upright or electric bass, piano, horns, backing vocals, lead guitar etc.) $95 per instrument recorded.


All songs include a CD/WAV file of the song or an mp3 version uploaded to the website (with private url address) for easy download. They can also be delivered on Facebook or other Social Media sites.

Service is payable by credit card through Paypal, check through mail, cash in hand or barter for silver, gold, goats, chickens or whiskey.

To get the songwriting process started a 50% retainer is requested. The remaining balance is paid when the song is completed.

Since these are custom songs that require extensive amounts of time to create, retainers are non-refundable once the process is underway.


If you wish, you can sing the song yourself or create a recorded message to introduce the song.

Website pages can be created as a part of your gift to showcase the song and include personal messages, photos, video or whatever else you would like.

Live performances are possible, depending on your location and/or your travel expense budget.

Videos of your song can be created as well, from simple acoustic performances to full blown productions.

Please email us concerning special rates for the “extras”.

Time frame for song creation

As far as turn-around time, it really depends on many factors.

If we start with an existing background track it can take as little as a day or two. Although it’s best to have a few weeks for the process, for best results, when you consider everything involved.

If we do a song from scratch with full backing band, it could take one week minimum and it is best to have at least a few weeks.

This also depends on how full my schedule is at the time. I have completed songs in as little as one day, but that often involves rush charges and canceling everything else on my schedule..

You also need to consider the approval process, I typically take the info that you give me and write a sketch lyric that I will send to you for approval. Depending on how many people are involved with approving the lyrics that could take 5 minutes or 5 days. It is best in that case to designate one person to be in charge of that process.

Also, consider the information gathering period, that special time where you compile a list of everything that you want to say with your song. Or for example, if it is a “roast”, a list comprising all of their most embarrassing moments; depending on the subject, this could take days…

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