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Save production time, crew expenses, editing costs and get more natural results with talent by having the script visible.

Teleprompters allow talent to look directly in the camera and fluidly have access to their lines.

Use your camera and photographer with our teleprompter while we operate the system, or we can provide an operator to control your existing system or a even photographer.

Any prompter can be set to run on its own, however it is really crucial to have an experienced operator adjust the prompter flow for the talent to match their pace; otherwise they will sound robotic and may have to wait for the words to scroll up before finishing a phrase. That often results in an awkward pause that requires either a retake or editing in post.  If text is not positioned properly on the talent, in relation to the lens the talent’s eyes will look “squirrely” as they dart about on the page to follow text. Also, it helps to have someone to make script changes on-the-fly.
When running teleprompter one must have constant focus on the talent and the script. This puts one in an ideal position to direct sessions, create best-take files for editors, or supervise scripts for continuity.
To maximize production budgets we can handle any of these multiple-roles, if needed.

prompter view 2

bunny prep
At the Playboy Mansion with Kennedy Summers

Teleprompter tour, featuring latest rig.

Here are a few past productions.

Mark Wahlberg for Indian Motorycles Veterans Charity Ride

Wahlberg VCR Promo 1 Final from Full Vision Productions on Vimeo.

Queen Latifah playlist spots for Cricket Wireless.

Heidi Klum playlist spots for Wix.

Jeremy Renner, Feeding America PSA

Lexz Pryde Motivate ft. Snoop Dogg



Reggie Watts for Virgin Mobile Australia [Coming soon]


Rates and services

Please talk to us directly concerning rates for your individual production as each session is different.


There is a 2 hour minimum for most bookings. Day or half-day rates are available. Depending on situation/timeframe, we can be flexible to match your budget.

Rates include professional shoot-through teleprompter with optical quality glass, operator, heavy duty tripod, fluid head and dolly.

All of our prompters use ultra pure, low iron glass that eliminates the color shift and light loss found in many competitive systems.

The large screen we use can easily be read from 21 feet away.

If you need multiple prompters for a multi-camera shoot or an interrotron system for interviews contact us for current rates and availability.

We can be available for travel outside the LA area. Travel rates depend on timeframe, distance and location; typically ranging from .50 – $1.00  per mile from 90290 for most areas 15 miles or further.

*Exceptions may apply for travel, last-minute bookings, script preparation, or multi-day sessions etc.

Booking can be secured with a retainer of 50%.

We accept cash, business check, Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.

We can also shoot behind-the-scenes footage of your production during downtime as part of the service.

Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah for Cricket Wireless
snoop prompter
At the Dogg Pound with Master Snoop
Past clients/projects include FOX, Warner Brothers, The Movie Channel, Playboy TV, Greystone Stage, Brooks Institute, Reel Impact, Winner & Associates, Veterans Administration, Vista Del Mar, The Lawfirm of Jacoby and Meyers, Legal Helpline, Santa Monica Studios, WorkCare, Kickstarter promotions for Veronica Mars Film, One Way Pictures, Comix Film, Billary 2016 Film and more.

Working with such fine talent as Heidi Klum, Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, Jeremy Renner, LilyTomlin, Shirley Maclaine, Enrico Colantoni, Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III, Ryan Hansen, Joe Bob Briggs, Shoshanah Stern, Mark Walberg, Jason Dohring, Dave Espino, Tim Watters, Zhena Muzyka, Debbie Turner (Miss America 1990), Kennedy Summers (Playmate of the Year 2014), Rodney Crowell, Travis Tritt and many more.

Taping for some fan greeting by Veronica Mars crew.
Veronica Mars cast session for Kickstarter campaign.

Do you need an extra camera? We can also shoot and have HD or 4k cameras, sound and lighting gear to supplement your crew or bring in our own.


Behind the scenes

For more info, availability and booking please contact us Thank You!