MWC Backcountry Adventure SuperShower
Military Water Can shower and pressurized water system for backcountry adventure

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Pressurized backcountry shower and water system for cleaning humans, pets, dishes, gear or rigs. Now available in limited supply. 

These are great for emergencies or service interruptions as well as useful tools for boaters, surfers, kayakers, bikers or anyone else that likes to clean off after a messy day of fun.

They are very durable, solid construction using HDPE #2 food grade plastic. This is the best plastic available and does not have dangerous BPA.

The cans are made for the military, in the USA. You can drive a truck over them or throw out of a moving train and they will not fail. These are some of the best, most durable cans available.

They are made to be strapped in a rack on the outside of a vehicle and withstand the punishing elements and keep your water safe.

mwc options plain cut

$95 for the MWC can and pressure cap assembly. Great deal if you already have a hose and nozzle.

mwc tightmwc shower white

$135 for the basic plastic unit with shower nozzle and hose.

mwc shower green spray P1200064 copy

$155 for the steel unit with shower nozzle and hose. Most dependable and durable.
You can use your own hand bike pump or mobile tire air compressor.
Or drop an extra $30 for the entry level Lezyne pump. These are great!

mwc black

They can be also heated with electric elements either installed in the unit or simply dropped in the can. You can find these on Ebay inexpensively.
I use the inverter in my Jeep to power the AC version in winter. You can choose DC version to run from your cig lighter or solar system.
Otherwise in Summer you can set them in the sun in a black bag or boil some water on the camp stove and pour directly in.

dheater s-l1600 heater s-l1600


Will ship for most anywhere is the U.S. for $20

Can accept cash, Paypal, Chase Quickpay, gold, silver, goats, chickens, women or whisky.

MWC options


Here’s a sloppy demonstration video playlist.










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