Creative projects handled from inception to completion.


Concept creation, copywriting, storyboarding, preproduction, production and direction.
Cinematography, videography, stop motion animation, timelapse, effects and editing.
Music composition / songwriting, arrangement, recording and mixing.
Voice over.
Audio engineering, sound design, recording and mixing.
Teleprompter operation.
Commercial product and promotional photography.

Covering media formats such as commercials, documentaries, interviews, reviews, adventure shows, video resumes, infomercials, kickstarter campaigns, training videos, tutorials, films, music videos, concerts, sports coverage and events.

We offer competitive and fair rates.
We can create a project and plan the production based on your budget.

On set for the BabyFirst shoot

For example, if your new product is Vaspatcho, (the new super wonder cure for a hangover) – and you can afford $4,500,000 for a commercial – we’ll send a full crew with 5 cameras, lighting truck with techs, grips and gaffers, Cinetrac dolly, a helicopter, William Shatner cameo, truck load of bikini bimbos with fuzzy puppies, hair stylist, make-up artist, wardrobe, demolitions expert, fleet of cars to crash and a stunt double. Your commercial will win the Superbowl.

If you can afford $4,500, we’ll send a 3 camera crew, Arri light kit, audio engineer, make-up artist, Cinetrac Dolly, remote controlled helicopter, box of kittens, 20 feather pillows, a hi-speed fan and we’ll throw in an Ozzy Osbourne cameo. Your commercial will win Youtube for the week.

If you can afford $450, we’ll send one cameraman, a few well-placed lights, wireless mic kit, pocket dolly, one kitten, 2 feather pillows and a Pauly Shore cameo. You will have an effective commercial that informs and entertains your potential clients…

So, in other words, we can handle productions at nearly any budget level, the difference being what you will be able to achieve in terms of “production value”.

Now money isn’t the “gold standard” when it comes to creating great product. Some amazing things can be done with genius-level creativity and shoe-string budgets. Money does however get you more camera operators, audio engineers, lighting techs and effects artists to capture it. Conceiving your project based on your production crew can yield some powerful works, if done imaginatively.

One takes time, the other takes money. Invest whatever you can to get the best product.

directingshootin wideaction shot

 Many simple productions can be effectively handled by a one-man crew.

For larger productions we can build a crew and production plan based on your budget and project goals.

Most sessions are billed based on hourly or daily rates.
Fixed rate sessions can be negotiated and we offer package deals on some productions such as commercials, music videos or video resumes.

Session bookings can only be confirmed and guaranteed with a deposit.

We accept credit cards, PayPal, business checks, money orders, cash, gold, silver, Bitcoin and will consider barter for goods or services.


Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have or a fair quote based on your project needs..



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