Who is Brett?


gunslingerBrett is a native Texan and distant relative of Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp and William H. Seward (Secretary of State for President Lincoln ).


For fun Brett enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, kayaking, backpacking, Jeepin, creating things, destroying things and practical jokes.

zoe wurly sinin

He is a versatile musician who has recorded and performed on multiple instruments including guitar, piano, bass, drums, upright bass, pedal steel guitar, trumpet, saxophone and bassoon. He was formally educated in classical composition and is well-versed in all forms of contemporary music.

msp21987 Brett started Houston Imagery Productions in Dallas Texas.

H.I.P. specialized in commercial photography, audio and video production for clients like FOX, CBS, The Movie Channel, Bank One, Runner Triathlete News and Health and Fitness Magazine as well as numerous other clients and talented groups, artists, personalities and athletes. (See credits page for details)

1994, Brett moved to Paris to study music and formed the eclectic music group “Midnite Radio“. The group was featured on “MCM” (voted Europe’s best music video channel) and received radio airplay throughout Europe and the U.S. After moving to London in 1996 he took time off to write, record, and perform. Midnite Radio (later renamed Zwol’s Mob) toured around the world performing concerts at respected venues like “The Orange” in London, “La Fleche D’or” in Paris, and “CBGB’S” in New York. 


1997, The U.S. tour went horribly wrong and after the band self-destructed he decided to move back to the U.S. and pursue his ambition of creating music for film and television. Brett moved to Los Angeles to launch his career and build his studio. Highlights include creating music for the European television show “Fashion City” featuring Natasha Henstridge, the American show “Grass Root Racing” hosted by Kim Psesser, the independent film “Conceits and Projections” by director Matt Hendersen as well as the self-produced mountain biking short “Crackerheads”.


In 2000 Brett finished work on his new creation “SoniScape”, a natural sound-masking track.

jazzfest vista2

In 2001 Brett accepted the position as music director for Vista Del Mar, a private treatment center/school for “special needs” teens. He created a music program there with a full recording studio to teach songwriting, band, choir and recording as well as individual lessons. One of his kids groups, Sgt Crunch, which he produced and co-wrote songs with, performed in a concert at Vista featuring Ray Manzarek, (keyboardist for The Doors).

ray&i He also created a video and film production program and studio which produced documentaries and short films for agency services and events.

Sheila E. (Prince, Ringo Star) and Lynn Mabry (George Clinton’s P-Funk, Brides of Funkenstein, and Talking Heads) creators of the Elevate Hope Foundation chose Vista’s music program as their beneficiary. Together they helped support the program with a generous donation of recording workstations and video equipment. They also helped renovate the studio. Other generous donors who contributed to the program and studio include Dave Koz, Patrick London, the Guitar Center, Native Instruments, Ringo Starr, Sergio “The Sexy Sax Man” Flores, Drum Workshop and Line 6 as well as many anonymous private parties.

Summer 2009, Brett and the Vista Vocal Group performed a few songs he arranged with Sheila E, her legendary father Pete Escovedo (Santana) and brothers Juan and Peter Michael (Lionel Ritchie), (The E Family) at Vista’s first Jazz Fest concert benefiting the agency.

2010 Brett and the Vista Vocal Group  performed on several occasions with Jewish music superstar Craig Taubman & Co. including “The Moses Aaron Cooperative” at Sinai Temple, The Jewish County Fair and the High Holy Day services at Vista Del Mar.

2011 Brett released a fun single A Festivus Holiday Jam (feat. Amy Gillick & Vicente Avella)

Brett Houston: A Festivus holiday jam.

In 2012, after nearly 12 years of working with Vista Del Mar, Brett took another step forward and started Brett Houston Creations.

runnincam copy


Brett is currently working on a new roots based Americana album to be released in the spring. He enjoys the challenge of every new project and is constantly breaking new ground.


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