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The penis mightier than the s word!

The pen is mightier than the sword! But sometimes the value of proof reading outweighs them both!


A lovely collection of things I squozed out of my mind in the middle of night, when I really just wanted to sleep…

If you’re still using your factory installed operating system…
Back up your beLIEfs on to a flash drive, secure it in a locker of the train station and take a ride with me.
You can reinstall it when you get back, if you want it. Or you can just throw away the key…

“Reality” is a simulation?


Christianity = Paganism exposed?



AMEN = The Black Sun


Hacking the Matrix

Copyright law and the deceptive “Work made for hire” agreement…

Are you a tin foil hat wearing “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist” spreading “Fake News”?


A Thanksgiving dinner adventure; a perspective on perspective.


Borax, cleans your dirty mind?

Monsanto releases new genetically modified, “Roundup-Ready” super humans.