We were programmed to believe that nothing is real unless it’s on TV and there is a scientific, peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal…
[WHO controls the publications and the “peers”?]

And to “consider the source”.
[Sources can easily be discredited. And then ALL the information magically becomes “invalid”.]

If one threatens the narrative with information/evidence that contradicts what one was led to believe, it triggers a response instilled by our programming [Crazy Conspiracy Theory] [Fake News]
These are weaponized propaganda programming trigger words that illicit specific responses. Very similar to hypnosis.

The 60 Hz signal used in monitor screens emits an energy field one calls the “Lilly Wave” it is known to work like a drug that lures one into a lucid, trance-like state. This makes one impressionable to accept the programming. And once you accept a belief, your actions and reactions are predictable.
[Take a look into someone’s eyes while they have been watching TV for 20 minutes…]

[*”Propaganda created to influence domestic audiences” was legalized in 2012… with the repeal of the Smith Mundt Act.]

It’s all an act…

Now, when you consider the information, against the “evidence” yourself, NOT relying on the opinion of someone in the media… or “science”… NOT looking simply to support the “narrative” but discern the truth… it becomes demonstrably clear…

Many of the studies are brilliant deceptions to lead the most intelligent people to a belief.
[Science is the “Craft” rebranded] [Wizards changed from robes to white lab coats]

99% of the language will lead you……., 1% will disclose the truth. [Disclosure/Consent=It’s the code]
It is embedded in the legalese. Like a needle of truth in a haystack of bovine feces.

One must comprehend the legal definition [Blacks Law Dictionary] as well as the language definition of words and phrases.
The definitions are often inverted. This is how one is led to believe one narrative while the legal definition defines another reality entirely…

Now reconsider all the evidence you were given by all the shiny people on TV to support this narrative that Invisible Enemies are hunting you down riding spit balls, trekking across your face to climb in your nose and repel down your throat like a Ninja to kill you and your family unless you accept their Magic Potion injection…

[Never buy the “cure” from the one who sold you the dis ease]

Can you challenge yourself to find those needles of truth among the haystack of BS?

Here’s one example.

There is no scientific evidence to prove reports of viral “transmission” were factual. And they tell you that… albeit hidden among a pile of words crafted to lead you to beLIEve the inverse.

“Although RT-PCR identifies viral RNA and cannot determine whether infectious virus is present, infectiousness can be inferred from cycle threshold (Ct) values. “

They can’t even define whether an infectious virus is present and must rely on inferred infectiousness… based on modeling, which is assumption…

“Although these reports did not identify actual virus transmission while presymptomatic or asymptomatic, the low RT-PCR Ct values (i.e., high viral load) and ability to isolate infectious SARS-CoV-2 provide plausible virologic evidence for SARS-CoV-2 transmission by persons not demonstrating symptoms.”

They tell you, there is NO evidence… buried under all that speculation and modeling… This is scientific propaganda. To lead one to believe a narrative, despite evidence to the contrary, or lack thereof…

Break that down…

cannot determine whether infectious virus is present,”
“Although these reports did not identify actual virus transmission”

Meanwhile throwing piles of words at one to lead them to an altogether different narrative…
It works like Magic, only they call it “Science” now. The science of leading one to a beLIEf when all evidence contradicts it.

Read it for yourself.



If one tells you that you are going to get sick unless you take their magic potion, and you get sick after taking their magic potion… Did the invisible enemy really hunt you down?
Or was it in the potion you were led to take?

Either way, it did not save you… That would be your 33rd clue.

[Law of cause and effect]


It’s a mystery… Yep. Doctors are “Baffled”???


“Some say”……. Viruses are not the cause of any dis ease, they are the effect.
[Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Thomas Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Bechamp and many, many more]

Just because you were led to believe something, and everyone repeats the big lie, does NOT make it true.
Take Santa Claus for example.
But never take health advice from people who believe in Santa…

“There’s no way it’s a lie, too many people would have to be in on it.
NASA tracks Santa using NORAD. It’s “Science”!
Everybody on TV and in the movies
says he is real.
I saw him at the mall FFS. I sat on his lap.
I asked for an iPhone and I got an iPhone.
And Dr. Fauci said he vaccinated him.
That’s how you know he’s real.
The Anti-Santa “Crazy Conspiracy Theorists” lied about him being a myth so they could keep all the good toys for themselves.”

Yeahp. When you know the reality… that’s what it sounds like when people come face to face with the true nature of viruses… after being deceived for a lifetime… and then try to reason themselves back in to the CONstruct. Because the reality seems to vast to comprehend…

The dis ease is real.
Only the narrative one is led to believe is inCONsistent with the evidence.
Just like the presents under the tree…
When you know Santa did not bring them, you get to the question…. who did?
And what’s really in those boxes?

Is it really a “virus” or a Virus-Like Particle…? [nanotech]
What are the delivery mechanisms?
What’s on the end of that swab?
What’s in the injection?
What’s in the Hydroxychloroquine? Ivermectin?
What are they spraying in the air from those special airplanes?
What is in all that hand sanitizer?
What is embedded in the fibers of that mask?

Are you being led to your beLIEfs?
Are you still running your factory installed operating system?

Pull the plug…….