If you want to heal your skin and bones as fast as humanly possible, consider Comfrey.

I just discovered that fresh, Organic Comfrey juice is the key, that worked for me.
But that’s not “Medical Advice” because I’m not a doctor.
And since I am NOT a doctor I CAN tell you that Comfrey is one of the most medicinal, healing plants in nature.

Yes, I know the FDA claims that it will kill you!
However my research found that “study” they used to justify vilifying Comfrey, to be demonstrably prejudiced, and inconsistent in relation to reality…
Trust yourself, do your own research and make your own choices.

Aside from that…….

I recently healed my finger that had a deep, painful lesion that had not otherwise healed for months. 24 hours after applying fresh juice it was 90% healed with zero pain. It was astounding.

I have never seen anything like this and I have tried everything I can get my hands on.
Comfrey is super!
But I did not have the same results with salve, tea or tincture that I experienced with fresh juice.

I also drank the juice and applied it to my navel on an empty stomach. What an amazing kick that was. I could feel how fast and powerful it was. I never really realized how much we can take in through our skin.

I drank tea for weeks and have eaten the leaves in salad. [And lived to tell about it.]

Comfrey is a storehouse of vital nutrients used in rebuilding bones and skin. Roots go deeper than most plants to pull up unique elements. It’s one of the only plants one can get B12 from, for example.
It is known in folk medicine as “KnitBone” because it heals bones.

I broke a rib several months back and it healed me 20x faster than the other 4 times I suffered the same fate.

Here’s a “Scientific” study demonstrating the reality of Comfrey as a legitimate healer.

Full study here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3491633/

This article covers more bases with less legalese.

Seasons Market is one place you can find Organic dry herb.

Growing Comfrey is easy, I found organic roots on Ebay and within 3 months I was producing enough to avoid making trips to the store.
Not that you can even find Comfrey in most places.

Anyway, just to clarify, I’m not trying to kill anyone, I just wanted to share my experience and see if it is “consistent and repeatable” with anyone else who may have been “crazy” enough to throw the scientific flavored propaganda to the wind and try it?…

Caveat Redemptor!