I have escaped from the construct of Christianity and reclaimed my soul.
It’s not for a lack of information, awareness or experience.
I came to this point through decades of research, separating “beliefs” from tangible reality.

I was born into Christianity. Southern Baptist.
Then I was born again. Saved by the blood of Jesus.

[Here’s a fun fact, communion is a symbolic flesh/blood ritual. People rail on Satanists when they do it, yet it’s cool for Christians? Seriously?]

I didn’t just ride the pew on Sunday and bowl/play ball for the youth league. I was fully and deeply indoctrinated, from birth for 45 + years.

My Dad was a Deacon. He taught Sunday School. Sang in the men’s choir. Taught the advanced course on Revelation, and more. We went to church 3x a week and hosted Bible study at our home for the church.
He was Chief Engineer at CBS in Texas during the live “Moon Landing” broadcasts. He worked with Sonny and Cher, Little Richard and many others.
I was raised in a TV station. He took me to work and I’d hang out and watch Stooges films or pretend to be the Weather man on the News set.

He built a state of the art sound system at church and I helped. From 9-14 years old I was running audio and recording the services… So I had to attend every service, every week… + Sunday School.

I learned to sing in Hebrew and was the Cantor and music director for both the Jewish and Christian services for 12 years at Vista Del Mar.

I have read the Bible over and over, backwards and inverted. Surface level and encoded levels.
I have been doing deep research since I figured out Santa was a lie. In the process have realized that old saying “Everything you know is a lie” is the truth.

I considered everyone/thing else I could find, the crazy theories as well as those considered absolute.

To highlight a few;
I researched most every known religion and have been to services at most every variation available.

I read the Bible Code, based on the hidden code embedded in the text using an [ELS] equal lettering system.

I listened to lectures, interviews and films by John Marco Allegro one of the people who deciphered the Dead Sea scrolls… he wrote the book “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross”. He calls the Bible a clever “cover story”… There was no mention of “Jesus” in those scrolls btw… this messiah was wildly different than the one being sold today.
“Allegro argued that Jesus never existed as a historical figure and was a mythological creation of early Christians under the influence of psychoactive mushroom extracts such as psilocybin.

The Amanita Muscaria Mushroom was the apple in the garden of Eden… The “Fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”
It’s symbolism can be found in many early images of Jesus and Santa. Bishop’s outfits represent this sacred hallucinogenic.
The film “Astrotheology” covers that. John Marco Allegro provides the ominous intro.

The stories in the Bible itself can be found in other books like the Egyptian/Kemtian Book of the Dead.
When you break them down to the encoded level they make far more sense that the surface level tales.

There were hundreds of stories removed from the Codex Sinaiticus/Bible from 325 to 1611 and some stories were added or altered that had no source to verify any authenticity…

KJV was a politically motivated version to meet approval by the King to control the people.
King James and Sir Francis Bacon were both 33rd Deg Freemasons.

Titus Flavius Josephus was credited by many as one of the main authors of the Bible early on. He compiled and rewrote many stories to match Rome’s demand of changes needed to make this religion compatible with their system of rule.
That’s why you see “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” And OBEY your authorities… as central themes.

Much of the prophecy was crafted to be played out by Caesar himself to fulfill and appear to be the messiah. The film Caesar’s Messiah covers that.

There’s so much more…

After decades of research, when I finally focused on proving whether the Bible and Jesus was legitimate, it all fell apart. SO fast it made my head spin. To a degree one cannot return from. Like when you realize Santa was a lie, you can never sit on that old man’s lap again and ask for toys with a straight face.

I wish I had started with that. It was my initial thought after realizing Santa, I thought, what about “Jesus”? But instead of starting there, I studied the Bible in contrast to what was being practiced and preached by the church. And things like whether the Sabbath was legitimate or one should worship on the Lord’s day and all the “pagan” influences of Christmas, Easter etc. The 325 council of Nicea and more.
Once I realized the construct, I explored beyond it, and all the things the church forbade me to study and that’s when reality opened up to a new level…

On another note, I have several 40-50 year old Bibles that I have had in my possession my entire life, that I memorized scripture from, [The Lord’s Prayer] that have been physically changed, by what one refers to as the “Mandela Effect”. New words that did not even exist in the times this was created now appear… not in new printings, but the same books I have always owned.

Words like “stuff”, “unicorns”, “bottles”, “tires”, “banks”, “aliens” and more… The only way this could be physically possible indicates there is far more to this “reality” than any religion can cover…

I recommend one take a deeper look at all this. And at the fine print on your soul contract… with an entity named “Jesus” that was created in 1612…

If there’s “power in the name”… and you have been deceived of the name… you are powerless. Like praying to Siri, in Alexa’s name?

If the only thing you have that is “eternal” is your soul, and you give it away, or sell it, you don’t have eternal life, you got soul-jacked.

I suspect it’s a massive soul-harvesting deception.

Escaping from this false paradigm was the most painful and frightening thing… The programming will keep you within the construct. Anything that defies the narrative is heresy! The devil tempting you…
We are told to not consider astronomy, it’s of the devil… Yet isn’t that what they use to legitimize the birth of Jesus?

Meanwhile the devil is an allegorical character as well… They both represent the duality of the one power. Whether something is good or evil is a matter of perspective and perception.

When I realized the truth, I cancelled my soul contract with the “Jesus” and reclaimed my eternal life force…
When that happened, it felt like something had been ripped out from inside my chest. It really freaked me out. It was startling and painful at first and then I felt peace/calm.

A soul contract is a spiritual possession. When you ask “Jesus” to come in to your heart, you are consenting to a possession from this entity one calls “Jesus”. Created in 1612…
If anything, the Hebrew messiah was a black man named Yahusha. But there are 16 messiahs that were born on Dec 25th of a virgin, sacrificed on a cross… It’s allegory for a story about the sun of God’s annual procession through the 12 constellations. The halo in imagery of those messiahs, is your first clue.
“Jesus” was greek for Hail Zeus. Iesous was Greek for son of Zeus.

I would LOVE to be wrong about all this. If anyone can provide tangible facts to refute this and prove the existence of Jesus, then please do. I would love to “saved” from all this. I spent my life in this construct… But everything that I have considered indicates it is allegorical astrotheology at the encoded level.

I suspect the challenge of this life it to discern the deceptions, find one’s way to the truth.
Finding the lies are easy, the truth is another thing…

There’s far more to it…

Don’t believe anything.
Consider everything.
Do your own research, find your own path.
I’m just sharing what I discovered on mine, thus far…
[Reality subject to change without notice]