Coming soon a mindbreaking documentary about the apocalypse.


“2020 is Hindsight”…

It’s a diabolical Sci-thriller about eugenicidal mad scientists, tasked by the nefarious overlords that rule from the shadows, to unleash a nanotech bioweapon upon the masses of minions via the flu vaccine. That causes numerous deaths and world wide panic fueled by synchronized media coverage. The shiny people on TV lead the minions to believe that it’s an Invisible Enemy that will hunt them down by riding spit balls, then jump on their face, climb up their nose like a Ninja, repel down into the lungs and kill them.

 This is achieved by using the 60 Hz Lily Wave embedded in the signal to affect the “programming” causing them to be lulled into a lucid, hypnotic, trance-like state. Under the “broadcast” of this “spell” they will believe anything they are led to, without question. Furthermore, they are programmed to spew rage upon anyone who dares defy this narrative, fail to COMPLY or disOBEY the program. 
They even convince the herd to run and hide in their own cages for months upon end, wearing ritual death masks and standing 6’ away from the healthy people they know and love. The reduction of oxygen from wearing masks and the inability to expel toxins actually causes bacterial pneumonia that leads to many more deaths, all attributed to the “Invisible Enemy”. Nobody suspects a thing, despite the clear cause/effect relationship.

The swab test they are all forced to take is like a game of American Roulette. A certain percentage contains more of the “agent” and it is shoved deep up their nasopharynx and implanted in a region known as the “Nose-Brain” delivery zone. That bypasses the blood-brain barrier, for nanoparticle delivery to the olfactory pathway. This leads to even more deaths. Still nobody suspects a thing.

The nanotech agent itself resembles a “virus”. In fact it is called a VLP [virus-like particle] only it is not biological, it has an iron core made from magnetite. Almost indistinguishable from a real virus, it must be injected, ingested or inhaled. It will not kill right away, it must be then activated using electromagnetic fields, at a specific frequency. [Magnet Assisted Transfection] These fields are achieved through the expanded freq range of the new 5G system in conjunction with the 60 hz monitors in phones, computers and TVs. [invisible enemy]
When doctors analyze the test and find this “contamination” they are told it must have been an accident or came from the air… And still they line up, one after another to have that stick shoved up their nose. Never knowing if they will see one another again.

It’s a diabolical plot to reduce overpopulation and enslave the remaining populace while transitioning to a New World Order. Carried out by the progeny of Operation Paperclip, that special program that relocated over 10,000 doctors and scientists from Germany after the war. Yes, the children grew up and are seeking vengeance and world domination.

In addition to reducing population the overlords stand to make gazillions in profits by selling mandatory Magic Potions, Invisible Enemy test kits, hospital visits and obedience muzzles. Plus related profits from the devastated independent businesses that were forced to close. Consolidating all commerce, property and real estate under corporate control.

The Magic Potion to slay the [Invisible Enemy] will come in two basic mechanisms. One will alter DNA to allow one to continue, yet prohibit procreation. [cell altering]
The other contains a nanoVLP [cell silencing] mechanism that will quietly alleviate non-essentials in an inconsistent and undetectable manner…
Both will have an RFID chip to include identity, life records and currency control. Eliminating cash requires that all finances will be handled with the chip. If you are disobedient, they turn the chip off.

And yet still, most will never suspect a thing. The 60 hz signal [Lily Wave] from the monitor is like a drug that puts em in a lucid trance-like state. They have been programmed to believe. To OBEY and COMPLY.

Trust the “leaders”, “scientists” and the shiny people on TV with their lives.
They are programmed to reaction by mere mention of the trigger words. They will do anything they are told.
Anyone who tries to warn them or break the program is cast out in anger as a “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist”… spreading “Fake News”.
This maintains their place in the construct and protects the program.

It works just like Magic, only we call it “science” now. The science of leading one to a beLIEf when all evidence contradicts it.

It’s a true story, based on a false premise.


We just need a 33 million dollars to complete production.
So I was hoping to ask the cult of Q to send me a blank check for production costs?
I know they know how to “Trust a Plan”… With mindless obedience.

We only need a few more monkeys to reach 100 at this point.
Awareness is the key to set one free from any deception.