What if part of the challenge of this life was retaining control of your soul among all the soul trapping schemes devised by organized religion?

Every religious system demands your soul whether it be selling it to Satan, giving it to Jesus or Mohammad, Xenu, Trump or whomever.

Seems like a harvesting scam if you break it down.

If all we are is energy, then wouldn’t that deity now control our energy and therefore grow in power? Seems like a strong motive to create such elaborate traps.

How exactly can one have eternal life when it is the soul itself which is eternal, and you gave it away?

The body is temporary so if the soul is all that you have that is eternal and you give your soul to another entity, what are you left with? if not nothing; you’ve been soul jacked!

I consider the soul agreement itself may be the core deception. Instead of wondering which deity to give one’s soul to…

Logically, to have eternal life/salvation, (= Pass the life challenge and reach the next level) one must retain their soul, because that is all of what is eternal?

So after spending a lifetime considering the only way to salvation was giving my soul to super Jesus (or Yahusha) I’m wondering if it’s best that I hang onto it?

Considering implications of birth certificates; It is said by some to be a soul contract from birth. Since it is levied on a child without capacity to discern, there is a grace period of 18 years with which the individual has a right to annul. If the soul is not reclaimed before the 18th birthday it is uncontested and ownership is considered valid.

Birth Certificates are kept at the Vatican. In other words, your soul is owned by the Vatican.

The Vatican is arguably controlled by Lucifer.

So, if this is true, and you are unaware of this, you will not contest ownership and automatically lose your soul. So whether you gave it to Jesus or sold it to Satan would be irrelevant.

So, as the proud owner of a soul harvesting organization it would be in their interest to control the information we are taught on the subject.

I mean goodness, do you know the price of a good soul on the black market?

Anyway, if you were to decide to keep your soul at this point, it would require stealing it back from the Vatican… That sounds like a highly exciting new adventure thriller.

But seriously, as crazy as this sounds, I think it deserves some consideration among the options we currently have in the “Eternal Life” brochure…

Life is a “challenge”.

The hints are hidden in plain sight.

Directions are whispered in your ear.

You have to figure out the path/truth on your own though.

Like a multiple-choice pop quiz on everything that wasn’t in the lecture.

“May the odds be ever in your favor”…