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Amen=The Black Sun






I finally cracked it and confirmed where the Black/Invisible Sun and the Octahedron is. Hidden right in front of me the entire time. I feel brilliant and stupid all at once.
I had the thermal images for years but couldn’t confirm the location until today. There are many theories to consider and it gets mind boggling at a point. However while I was sun gazing, after looking at imagery people were sharing on the interwebs of the backlit sundog/arc/firmament. (It’s often visible due to reflection from the geoengineering aerosols they spray.)

I realized it matches up perfectly with the thermal images of the Black Sun/Octahedron presented by “crazy Steven Christopher”. Once I realized the patterns it was clear, one could postulate that the octahedron was within this arc/firmament.
Within that, is said to be “Heaven” and where “God” resides.







The Hidden One is hidden in plain sight. In the sky, behind the beams of the sun. Visible at night as a Celestial Sphere. A star encrusted ball that spins above us.

Here’s a video link discussing related theories and more info. at 3:21 it covers  a walk through explanation of the website/book.
I recommend this if you are new to researching The Black Sun.
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 11.35.15 PM

This is a good start to walk through the complex process of seeing through the illusion to realize the Invisible Sun.

Documenting the realization of The Black Sun and Octahedron, (an actual planetary entity) and it’s representation throughout history in symbolism. Heaven/God. The eye of Providence/Horus. The all seeing eye in the sky. The “G”. The Invisible Sun. The DarkStar. Dogstar. Rahu. Amen: The Hidden One.

When you pour over the vast amount of symbolism and stories over the centuries it seems that every culture had their own version of who/what is in The Invisible Sun. And much of it was hidden behind layers of symbolism and allegory.
So much has been created to symbolize this and yet only a small percentage of people are aware of what it really is.
And how significant it is.

Breaking down related symbolism at 7:00 min mark.
Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 11.36.01 PM

I assume some of this is going to look a little scary for those raised in the doctrine of the “church”… You have to comprehend the occult symbolism. And realize occult means “hidden”, it doesn’t mean “evil”.
It’s hidden from you. You were told it was evil to keep you from considering it, like the forbidden fruit, in the garden of Eden…

This is the source of power in the universe. And it’s neither good nor evil, It just is.
What you do with the power determines whether it is good or evil, and that depends on the viewer.

If you eat a nice fish dinner you view that as a “good” thing.
Meanwhile, for the fish, it was “evil”.
What is good for one may be evil for another. It depends solely on the observer.
It’s about perspective…
There’s just one source of power, and varying degrees.

At least that’s how I consider it may be today after realizing a few other key points…


Now there are those that claim Lucifer is the deity within the Black Sun. However, my research considers another angle and direction. I suspect it was meant to hide the good stuff under the bad stuff so nobody will find it…


The Black Sun.
The Hidden One: AMEN


1. Intro and thesis.

2. Unveiling the mystery of Amen = The Black Sun.

3. Check your belief system.

4. Timelapse: The movements of Heaven.

5. Not an evil esoteric myth but a planetary entity.

6. Symbolism.

7. Eclipses.

8. The Black Sun and music.

9. What’s in a name? Amen.

10. Other theories of the Black Sun.

11. More Symbolism. To drive that point right off the cliff…

12. Escape portal.

13. More resources.

14. Bottom line.





Unveiling the mystery of Amen = The Black Sun.

Let’s go back in time a bit for perspective to ancient Kemet/Egypt.

There is Amen/Amun and there is Ra.

There really is no “Amen-RA”. The combination was done later to hide Amen. “The Hidden One”.

Amen is the Black Sun.
Ra is the sun.
The Black Sun is not just some esoteric bs or an antiquated evil pagan god, or a Nazi order.



It is a planetary entity that fuels the sun and emits aetheric energy, the fabric of our reality. Responsible for ALL eclipses.

The octahedron within the celestial sphere. Appearing to be a mirrored pyramid at some angles, a cube, or a star at others, as it turns.

Is this “scientific proof” of “God”? The source of power in the universe.
Is it heaven, where “God” resides, or is it just the mechanism the creator uses to power “earth”???

Symbolized by the eye of providence and many other prominent symbols. It is the “G”.

The man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ.
If reality is a simulation, this mechanism powers the intricate “hologram”.

The symbolism is staggeringly everywhere “Hidden in plain sight”. The power the fuels everything here.






Notice the pyramid on the father.
The sun halo on the son.
It’s allegory… Astro theology…


The pyramid represents the North Apex in the Octahedron.
That represents the Father. In Heaven.

When you say “Amen” after your prayers to whatever allegorical “deity” you subscribed your soul to, you acknowledge this deity. Regardless of “what’s in your heart”…

If there is “power in the name”? That could be significant.

“Amen” is NOT Hebrew for “so be it”. Despite what we have been told…

Amen, is the “father of Gods”.
Amen is “your father who art in Heaven”.
The Invisible Sun.

Ra is the sun.
Ra is the only sun of god. (Symbolized today by “Jesus”)

It’s allegorical, Astro Theology.
{Religious characters created to symbolize and explain the actual luminary deities and their movements.}


Amen has a multitude of names and symbols. But it all breaks down to representing the “Father”of the sun, the planetary entity within the Celestial Sphere/Black Sun. That emits etheric energy and powers the sun.

To comprehend all this there are about 101 things one needs to know, that were not included in our factory installed operating system.

One of those things is your perceived model of earth. You need to toss that in a bag with your belief system. Put it in a locker. Save the key. You can get it on your way out after the ride, if you still want it. Or you can throw away the key.

For fun, imagine that you are not an accidental ape-like being, riding a spinning water ball through spaceland.
But that you are on the inside of a massive motionless earth, and the stars were spinning above you in a celestial sphere, like a giant star encrusted ball. It’s a crazy theory called “Cell Earth”.


But as crazy as that seems, it helps to consider this when trying to understand the reality of the cosmology.
Because when you look at the movement of the stars and planets in timelapse imagery you will quickly realize both the helio and geocentric models are inaccurate.
This is the smoking gun. That one tipping point that destroys the geo and heliocentric models.
And confirms the real movements of the ‘heavens”

Vincent Brady created the most amazing timelapse images of the stars
movement that really puts the universe in perspective. Watch this

© Vincent Brady


I initially considered that Earth was within the celestial sphere, as it spun around us, that’s what observation would lead us to believe. But… When you watch the movement of the stars in timelapse, wide angle, you’ll see the big ball spinning above you. The wheel in the sky, keeps turning.


It’s an optical illusion using refraction to make it look like it envelopes and goes around you on the edges.This clip about the illusion of refraction were important for me to finally see the possibility.

This clip about light is a key to comprehending that.
Meanwhile the celestial sphere spins inside, and above us.
This exceptional imagery captured by Vincent Brady illustrates this movement perfectly.
©Vincent Brady

symbol may help, many consider this to represent the geocentric model,
but it really represents a dielectric torroid field, that demonstrates
the stars movements.

Eclipse, compared to torroid field.
Ken Wheeler is the man to listen to concerning the realities of magnetism .

I can’t say 100% what earth is, but I figured out the cosmos is not at all what most beLIEve. It’s the inverse. And it’s protected by an optical illusion type effect due to light refraction and other effects. This cosmology is easier to see and observe. I have found their version to be most correct. By assumption I consider the theory of earth may be valid at this point, but that’s another topic and we are focused on the Black Sun, so set that aside. This is all theoretical, If you don’t want to warp your brain, just consider everything, beLIEve nothing. It’ll come to you when you have enough of the pieces. It could take years, even when you have been presented with the information. It may first seem insane…

The Black Sun, is by far the most challenging to research. It is not something you can just “Google”… There are endless theories and explanations to overwhelm, by design. Hidden behind layers upon layers like an onion. But it is part of our “challenge” to discover and discern. After years of researching this, as of today, after peeling back the layers, this is what I consider “true”, but new information can change always that. On that note, if you “know”, and can add to, or correct any errors in this thesis, please do.

This clip from Steven Christopher explains the octahedron.

This animation by Steven Christopher is crucial. Click the play button.
Watch the octahedron as it spins.
“The wheel in the sky keeps turning”…

If it doesn’t play here use this link

Symbolism is everywhere.
The Black Sun is one of the most obscured elements of this reality. And yet it is hidden in plain sight, before you. You can never truly comprehend this reality without “knowing” the Black Sun.
Only raising your level of awareness can you see the hidden meaning.
Until then it’s just pretty/weird art based on mythology…




The eye of providence is really not a symbol of evil. We were just led
to beLIEve that to hide the true source of power within the Celestial
Sphere/Black Sun.
It is NOT just an esoteric myth, but a planetary entity.
A massive star encrusted ball spinning above us.
The source of aetheric energy, the fabric of our “reality”.
If reality was a simulation, this is where you would find the “man behind the curtain”.
The father of Gods.
Most are already praying, albeit unaware to Amen…

Amen = the Black Sun.
Aka Rahu, Apep, Apophis, Dark Star, Dogstar, Blackstar, Dark Sun, the hidden one or many other names.

Responsible for all eclipses, phases and aurora borealis.
The heavens.



Symbolized by the sun and the father.
The pyramid on the father/God.
The halo on the sun/son/Jesus.
Amen was the father of gods.
Ra was the sun of god.
You cannot go to the father except through the son.

To fully grasp the Black Sun it takes a knowledge of many other elements, not included in our factory installed operating systems.

There are multiple levels I will aim to cover at various depths.
If you make it to the end of the page, having watched all the films and related info, you will have scratched the surface.

But I’m saying it is worth everything. Once you finally see the magnitude of this your perception of “reality” will forever change.

***On another note. Feel free to save/download this page. Facebook banned the information 4x when posted on other sites… and Google tweaked the algorithm to exclude it from searches…




The Swastika has one original meaning. It is the Black Sun.

NAZIS used it because they knew the power of it. But it is NOT a NAZI symbol.
It does not mean NAZI. Regardless of association or what one may be “led” to beLIEve.
It symbolizes the Black Sun. Most people don’t even know it exists despite all the symbolism surrounding them.
One would prefer you think it’s some Nazi bullshit than realize what the Black Sun is…. AMEN…


Symbolism speaks more than words. Indicating one of many entrances to the underworld.


Most Americans are unaware that both solar/lunar eclipses are covered by
the Black Sun, not the earth.
Indians/Hindus, Egyptians and many others know.
The secret societies are well aware.

Very deep significance in ancient Egyptian and occult practices, this is
hidden from the masses, albeit in plain sight. Far more important than a
simple celestial body.

To learn some truth about eclipses, you can start in Vedic cosmology it is called Rahu. “Rahu ate the sun”. Follow that rabbit down the hole.

There are over 50 documented eclipses with both the sun and moon on Earth’s horizon…??? I personally witnessed one myself. Proving the earth’s shadow is not affecting phases or eclipses. Whoops. Earth is innocent… AMEN. 🙂

Most of us saw this in one way or another.
Nobody saw or photographed the moon that day. And the “object” that caused this eclipse was moving the opposite direction of the moon…

“Rahu ate the sun”.
The moon is innocent…

Video playlist with scores of clips on various Black Sun related topics that support this research.

With respect to Egyptian cosmology where Apep/Apophis is said to swallow RA.

NASA and others claim Apophis is an asteroid occasionally threatening earth, that has nothing to do with eclipses.

Many others lump Apep/Apophis in as other names for Rahu/Ketu or Black Sun/Amen, Dark Star, Dogstar, Hidden One etc.

(Aapep, Apepi or Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil,
darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra as he travelled though the underworld (or sky) at night. Originally Set and Mehen (the serpent headed man) were given the job of defending Ra and his solar barge. They would cut a hole in the belly of the snake to allow Ra to escape his clutches. If they failed, the world would be
plunged into darkness.” link

“This dark celestial body has also been called and depicted as “the Black Sun”:”

The terrible serpent Apophis had many names, and in order to destroy him, one had to curse him with every name he was known, which included the following: [18]
• Am
• Aman
• Amen
• Beteshu
• Hau-hra
• Hemhemti
• Hem-taiu
• Iubani
• Karau-anememti
• Kenememti
• Khak-ru
• Khermuti
• Khesef-hra
• Nai
• Nesht
• Qerneru
• Qettu
• Saatet-ta
• Sau
• Sebv-ent-seba
• Sekhem-hra
• Serem-taui
• Sheta
• Tetu
• Turrupa
• Uai
• Unti

“Apep swallowed the barque of the sun” is effectively the same as “Rahu ate the sun”…

So Apophis is either an asteroid that’s maybe going to destroy the earth, or another name for the Black Sun.

Apophis/Apep was also the “Satan” character  in ancient Kemet.
However eclipses are handled by the Black Sun.

This explanation and related footage is exceptional


How many musicians have songs about the Black Sun?

Dark Star. David Bowie. He is hinting to us here with symbolism, right before his death, right before the big eclipse.

Here is an interesting breakdown of the Lazarus symbolism

Black hole sun. Soundgarden

Mr Matrix Keanu named his band Dog Star.

“Black Sun” Death Cab for Cutie.

Jason Aldean, who was performing during the Vegas Massacre has a tattoo with the Black Sun symbolism. Interesting enough it matched quite well to the Illuminati cardgame about Vegas…

Chris Cornell featured this image on Higher Truth and Blackhole Sun. Along with a mountain that could symbolize Mt Meru and a nuclear bomb.

Chris also died right before this eclipse. Along with Chester Bennington/Podesta

Interesting message here? I promise it’s not goodbye –

And here. Before we disappear.

Sort of hints that they “escaped”…
There’s a crazy theory
that claims during such an alignment/eclipse a portal is opened where
one can leave. How many people “died” in the months before this eclipse?
Some very powerful and influential folks. Did they fake their death in
advance to buy time so as not to appear startling that after this event
so many people disappeared? Or is this portal only spiritual? Did they
die naturally, or provoke their own death knowing their spirit could
escape the Marix during this time?
That’s all bat shit crazy
right? Once you get to a certain level of enlightenment, it starts to be
an actual consideration… I can’t say it’s valid at this point, but
wildly interesting.

Is this relevant to the conversation?

Invisible Sun

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
Looking at the barrel of an Armalite
I don’t want to spend the rest of my days
Keeping out of trouble like the soldiers say
I don’t want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don’t ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day’s done

It’s dark all day, and it glows all night
Factory smoke and acetylene light
I face the day with me head caved in
Looking like something that the cat brought in

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
That gives us hope when the whole day’s done

And they’re only going to change this place by
Killing everybody in the human race
And they would kill me for a cigarette
But I don’t even wanna die just yet

There has to be an invisible sun
It gives its heat to everyone
There has to be an invisible sun
It gives us hope when the whole day’s done

Black Sun is called the “hidden one” because it is not luminous and
rarely visible in the sky except in phases and eclipses. [invisible]
the truth about this is hidden (in plain sight) from the minions. These
musicians obviously know something, they are telling us, quietly.

“There’s a little black spot on the sun today…
It’s the same old thing as yesterday…”

Is this the Black Sun in the path at a staggered distance?

And this masterpiece of groove???

Seems like they all know about the Black Sun, and yet nobody taught you about that in school or on TV, did they? Seems kind of important…




We have covered the functional characteristics of its role in
eclipses and such, now consider the spiritual/energetic/symbolic

It does NOT mean “so be it” in Hebrew. It means AMEN, always has. We were programmed to beLIEve otherwise. Like when they told us the 666 sign meant “A ok”,
or “White Power”…

AMEN is the Black Sun / the Black Sun is AMEN. When you conclude your prayer with AMEN you connect to this entity. Like when you say “Siri” you can connect to Siri. But she will not answer your prayer if you ask in Alexa’s name.

The Black Sun produces aether energy. It is power. It is not a mythological creature. It’s important. It’s truth being hidden from us.
Aether emanating from the Black Sun is what pushes us to the terre, not “gravity” pulling us down.
Tesla called this “Universal Compression”.

RA is the sun. You see/feel the sun’s energy and power. You know it to be real.
moon and planets create/emit energy as well, at specific frequencies.
These effect us as they come and go closer and further.

We don’t see the Black Sun’s power/energy. [Maybe that’s why it’s called “The Hidden One”…?]
We were told it doesn’t exist. We question whether it’s real?
And yet we tap into it’s power unwittingly when you pray to AMEN… Think about that.

***[Later, Amen-Ra was combined in the historical record to be one, but that is a deception of sorts to cover the hidden one’s “absence” from public knowledge.] In other words, a thin veil…


Earliest versions of the New Testament (Codex Sinaiticus) does not
include Amen, it was added around 400 AD as a result of the Nicean
Council influence. After Constantine made Christianity the only legal
religion pagans continued to worship their gods covertly under the
guise of Christianity, that is why today’s Christianity is more pagan
than Christian. This is just the tip of that iceberg.

New Testament was written in Greek anyway, not Hebrew, even if Amen did
mean “so be it” in Hebrew, it would be irrelevant in context.

Awmane in Hebrew, means “so be it.” Awmane and “Amen” are phonetically two separate words.

Hebrew – Awmane: sure; abstract, faithfulness; adverb, truly:–so be it, truth.

Greek – αμην – of Hebrew origin (543); properly, firm, i.e. (figuratively)
trustworthy; adverbially, surely (often as interjection, so be
it):–amen, verily.

Amen – English – from Egyptian, reference to a false god!

Amein is Hebrew for “so be it”.
What difference does one letter make to a word?
Well, you understand the difference between “Pens” and “Penis” right?
There are subtle similarities yet a world of difference.
Funny what a simple “i” can do to a meaning?

If you were in a bank, and needed to fill out forms to deposit a check and called out, “do you have any penis I can borrow”?
Compared to “do you have any pens I can borrow”?
You can imagine you might see quite a different reaction from the people, eh?

So, calling out “Amen” after your prayer to whatever god you thought you
were praying to, might change things in the cause/effect relationship of
reality of your “intentions”?

Or not…

This is all just crazy speculation…? Or… Just another thought, if the creator “is a jealous God”? Would calling out to AMEN after praying to him/her be liken to calling out another lover’s name while making super-happy-love-time with your spouse/mate???
Or is AMEN the Father of Gods as some claim?
He does exist long before the Jesus was created.

For more on religious significance and deception.

Christianity = Paganism exposed?



is very important in this reality… So is spiritual law…. and
etymology…. consent and binding agreements…. Why do you think most
every “religion” wants to get you into a soul contract with their
special deity, or version thereof?
Why did they deceive everyone to exclaim “AMEN” at the end of their prayers? Or chant AMEN?

Sound is everything in this reality. “Energy, frequency and vibration”.

Think about that twice… maybe three times, until the light comes on… or not.

Michael Tellinger has done some exceptional research on reality.
This clip is key.

You can ask Siri any question you desire, or directions to the closest
Starbucks and she will magically hear you and grant your request. She
answers to her name when she is being summoned. She activates. She
knows. She answers your “prayer”… She “saves” you, from the darkness
of your ignorance…
She will NOT answer your prayer if you call upon Alexa… No matter what is in your heart. No matter what your intention was. So if “there is power in the name” and someone hid the name from you. You are powerless… But that’s another topic we won’t get distracted…

That is a just simple example of how calling upon “entities” works in terms that are consistent and verifiable.
When you call out the name AMEN, what happens?

There are “rules” that govern this simulation we call reality. Regardless of what we believe. A law of cause and effect exists.

Much of this will not make any sense unless you are aware of certain things that were not a part of our indoctrination. Regardless, consider everything, but do not beLIEve anything.

In time you will find this as a piece to life’s puzzle.

One thing that is crucial to understand this is the knowledge that there are no particles, only waves. There is no physical matter. Tesla hinted to that in his statement that to understand the universe one must think in terms of “energy, frequency and vibration”.

Planets” are not terra firma, but cymatic frequencies. Sonoluminescence. You can’t land a spaceship on that Buck Rogers…
Earth is motionless. There’s more on that in the research section on Earth.

The Outerlands: Earth, not a ball spinning through spaceland, but it’s far more than “flat”…

Other theories of the Black Sun

Vedics cosmology claims eclipses happen when the sun/moon intersect along the nodes. But they place earth within the Black Sun. Cell earth place the Black Sun within the earth and yet still share the theory of intersecting nodes, albeit inverted.

Hollow earthers and some flat earthers claim it resides within a hole in the earth at the true North Pole.
“As above, so below”?

And it is said that the Black Sun causes the Aurora Borealis as light is emitted from the North Pole.

The Cell Earth theory claims it is a massive star encrusted ball,
“Celestial Sphere” that sits inside the shell of earth and spins around
above us. Encased in glass-like “firmaments”, containing a water or plasma like substance. The Black Sun spins like a torroid field. At different points on earth one will see the top spin one direction while the bottom appears to spin the other direction.
Observing star trail timelapse sequences will help one see this more clearly.

It defies our observation because of refraction and light bending, it’s an optical illusion that makes it look instead like the stars encompass and spin around us in a dome shape. It’s a mind warp. You can look at it for hours and not see it, like one of those 3D images where you can see two different things at once depending on angle and focus.

Once you see that big ball of stars spinning above you, you can’t unsee it.

4k Trona Pinnacles timelapse big night


Kopper King Mine bunkhouse Milky Way Timelapse


Once you wrap your head around this, all the ancient symbolism, hidden in plain sight is unlocked. And there is a ton of it.

Symbolism can be more effective to help one realize this, than all the words we can use to describe it.

It’s probably the most important thing that most people are completely unaware of, despite all the symbolism seen daily. It’s been hidden. Like a giant Easter egg in plain sight. It’s like they really want one to be able to figure it out, but it’s a “challenge”…

This is where the all seeing eye of Horus/Providence symbol comes from.















Atlas is not holding earth… That is the Celestial Sphere.

Isn’t that quite a collection of imagery and symbolism for something most people have no clue even exists? And yet spins around above them every day/night…
Seems a bit silly hugh? Yet here are…

But it’s like a game of wit. A challenge. An IQ, character and endurance test.



Here is another wildly interesting theory.
This explanation and related footage is exceptional

I have long heard that there was a portal to the Black Sun through the sun. It opens during an eclipse.
Sun light on the water is like a Stairway to heaven. You can’t go through it when you are in a physical body. Only as a spirit, because spirit is pure energy. And this is a dielectric torroid field.

Here’s the deal, you have to figure this out when you are here, before you die.
Otherwise you wander around lost. One cannot assume there will be a St Peter to guide you or throw you in hell.

When we were told that we were insignificant specs riding a spinning water ball in an endless universe, you could never fathom or even think to find God is right above, the all seeing eye. “Hidden in plain sight”. But the symbolism was there, EVERYwhere, we just weren’t taught the language of symbolism. It’s almost like a challenge, but we’re not told we’re playing a game or what the rules are. We have to figure out everything as we go.

Amen and Ra are not evil/mythological pagan gods. They are allegorical characters that represent planetary deities. It’s Astro theology. Stories created to explain the mysteries of the universe using allegorical characters and stories that symbolize the movements of the planets and 12 constellations. Aka 12 disciples…But for some it was sold as fact. Never looking beyond the surface, or comprehending the symbolism.

The planets are not spinning rock balls, they are sonoluminescent energy at various frequencies.
You can’t land a spaceship on sonoluminescent energy.

This is what they teach in the mystery schools / secret societies and what they obscure in the public schools with pseudoscience and disinformation to keep the Hidden One, hidden.

Feel free to save all this. It won’t be easy to find or research this with a simple Google search. It will sound crazy at first but once you realize it, you will feel crazy for not seeing it sooner.

If you want to learn more check out this playlist with the 50+ related documentaries.

Looking for more clues, evidence, information… please share if you have something to add to the discussion.


It’s hard to find good info on The Black Sun.
Here’s a list of supplemental links considered in this research

The Black Rahu Solar Eclipse

It’s funny but I can feel the energy coming from just this photograph of the
black sun eclipse.
Look at that, tell me if you feel it? Compare to how you feel looking at different
images of other things?
Notice how if you look at a person in a photo, you can feel the energy that they are
emittingat that moment. Whether it was love, hate, faith, fear, anger, happiness, horny-ness, ego-mania, despair or whatever…
Interesting how that energy can be captured and transmitted through a photograph.
Having photographed thousands of people over the decades it’s one remarkable thing that still perplexes me.

christ jesus 1494846

Throughout history the Messiah character represented the sun of God. Throughout history there were 16 crucified saviors born on Dec 25th of a virgin that died on a cross and rose again 3 days later… The story is allegory for the sun’s annual procession. It’s a long story… but.
At some point to have to realize it’s allegorical “Astrotheology”.
It’s all just symbolic characters to represent the planets/stars and heavens. The creator is energy/consciousness. Not an old dude with a white beard on a throne and Heaven is not a place with pearly gates and gold streets.So now, If “Jesus” was a construct, one may consider that Satan was as well.
After all, when you realize Santa was an allegorical character, you don’t continue to believe in Rudolf and the elves… You throw all the characters out.
When you break everything down, the Jesus and the Satan characters are allegorical symbols of the duality of the power of It. Neither one truly exist as entities.
There is one source of power. It can be used for good. It can be used for evil. Many times whether something is good or evil depends solely on the observer and their perspective.We are responsible for our own actions. And EVERYthing is being documented.

+++++++++++++++++++Bottom line 

The good stuff is hidden in plain sight and we’re told it’s bad. So we won’t touch it.
If we had the power to manifest one could not control us.

Meanwhile the enlightened have all the power, money and everything they need. Maybe one created the “sell your soul, live well but go to hell” narrative to keep us away from the source? There’s only one force of creation. Was Satan and Jesus created to make us think the power, riches, money and was bad?

So we would not pursue it? Because we just beLIEve we’ll get kicked out of the garden naked and screaming if we eat that fruit? When you realize what heaven is and who resides within, and what the symbols are and how they hide it in plain sight, this is what is left… You are face to face with God.
If the overlords didn’t want people to know their symbolism, they wouldn’t hide them in plain sight… But it’s like a game. Information vs. disinformation… Only one truth. It’s your responsibility to discern.

Now is it really an evil Illuminati of baby eating lizards ruling the world, or are they just characters in the game we are playing? Most don’t even realize they are playing or what the rules are… yet.
What if the signs they flashed displayed their level/affiliation in this “game”. And not allegiance to some dark lord?

I consider that reality is a simulation and I can offer one fresh example that could support it.
Audio recorders record wavelengths. They don’t store particles.
Cameras record wavelengths. They do not store particles. We are not made of particles, but wavelengths. We are holograms. When we take our own image, it records the waveforms, you can see it live in your camera. Showing what we really are. Waveforms of energy at different frequencies. If you seek to discern whether we are particles or waves, this is a big hint…

Eitherway, where is the portal to that timeline with blues skies, green grass and white puffy clouds?

I want that reality again…


I would like to credit Steven Christopher for his research, intricate explanations and amazing animation and explanations of the Cell Earth cosmology.

And I’d thank to thank;

Gemni Nasri Banura for helping me realize Steven Christopher was not as “batshit crazy” as I initially thought. And that the Cell theory is worthy of serious consideration. His delivery was a sane voice of reason in an otherwise insane theory.

Ken Wheeler for his super research and insights on magnetism and dielectric torroid fields.

Michael Tellinger for his exceptional research on reality.
This clip is key.

Tesla. For the key. “Energy, Frequency and vibration”.

I would like to thank all the exceptional creators whose imagery I featured in this research.

Vincent Brady
Who created the most amazing timelapse images of the stars movement that really puts the universe in perspective.

I’m working on credits but I don’t have names for most of the images’ creators. If you see your image here please contact me.
All © works are covered under “Fair Use” for educational use.
I would like to provide credit and have everyone’s blessing to use their work.

***If you are aware of any errors in my research
here please provide correction in the comments with as much supporting
information as possible.





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