Most of what is practiced today under the guise of Christianity is actually covert paganism. In many cases symbolism speaks more than words. All hidden in plain sight.

This is a compilation of research information, thoughts and statements based on decades of study I share to help others and myself learn more about “life”. I know there are a hundred other stories and contradicting evidence to support all of them, so please listen considerately and simply accept this as one possibility. You don’t have to believe anything. But you might learn something enlightening albeit “crazy”…

Growing up Southern Baptist I soon realized there were serious differences between what the Bible taught and practices of Christianity. After 40 years of sifting through haystacks of bovine feces for needles of truth, this is what remains… It changes often based on new information. If you have something important to share that was not part of our indoctrination, feel free. At this point I don’t believe anything, but consider everything.

This is not intended to prove everything for you, but offer hints and directions you can use to prove it to yourself. You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can’t make him think…

Back in 325 Constantine decreed that everyone must become Christian and forced a conversion on Pagans, punishable by death.  They didn’t change their beliefs, as a dominant majority they just “Christianized” them. So it is effectively socially acceptable covert paganism. Things like flesh and blood rituals were “normalized”. Communion, symbolizes drinking blood and eating flesh. Think about that for a month… The elite get the real thing while the minions get grape juice and crackers.

The resulting converted “congregation” was the base for the Catholic Church and basically every derivative Christian denomination that worships on Sunday.

Pagans were rather influential and instead of adopting the Christian belief system, over the centuries continued their practices and beliefs covertly by instead altering Christianity.

So now what we have is neither Christianity, nor paganism, but a melange of the two.

Based on Biblical practices and actual history of Christianity here are a few inconsistencies and deceptions we will cover.

Jesus, was not the Hebrew messiah’s name. It is considered by many to be a Greek translation that signifies the son of Zeus. It was first created for the 1612 KJV of the bible shortly after the letter “J” was invented. So, to be clear, nobody named “Jesus” existed before this time…

If you believe there is “power in the name” ya might want to have the right one?

1611 KJV

*Oh, on another note, he was not a Caucasian gentile (that looked like he should be on the cover of a romance novel). Hebrews were dark skinned people.

The origin of the N word initially meant, “the Gods”, The Pharaohs. It was a name of great respect.

Interesting how that was inverted?

Hebrews were said to be dark skinned people that fled to W Africa after Romans destroyed Jerusalem. (Not Europe, which was controlled by Romans who would kill or imprison them) Many are said to have been brought to the U.S. in the slave trade. The identity was forced out of them over centuries to where many don’t even know who they are anymore…


Amen, is the deity that represents the Black Sun. Ending a prayer to Jesus by saying “Amen” acknowledges this deity.

For more on Amen and the Black Sun, this link opens a mighty deep hole.

We will cover little more of this down the page as well. The significance of this is astounding.

The words “God” and “Lord” in origin signify Baal

The all seeing eye of Providence. (Represents the Black Sun)

Owl of Minerva/Lilith/Moloch/Tartar, hiding in plain sight.

Go here

Look at the Cult of BAAL map diagram in detail, listen to the podcast. Secret societies and religion’s twisted origins exposed.

Symbolism speaks more than words. One must study this art and etymology to make sense of anything beyond a surface level.

“Bless” means to “be less”. It is a spell. Next time someone says “God bless”, think.

The statue of Mary and Jesus, in origin was baby Nimrod and mother Semiramis.

Yeah, he married his mom. He died, she became a goddess. True story.

Saturday Sabbath was changed to “Lord’s day” the traditional pagan Sunday.

The King James bible and subsequent versions are corrupted. Sir Francis Bacon, 33rd degree Freemason edited the Bible. King James ( 33rd degree Freemason as well) wrote the book “Demonology”.

Christmas and Easter were pagan holidays. Tammuz/Horus was born Dec 25th and resurrected on Easter. All of these crucifixion stories are symbolic hidden stories about astrology. “Astrotheology” is a great film on that subject. And the one where the apple in the story of Adam and Eve really represents the Amanita Muscaria hallucinogenic mushroom. Which I am certain, if life is like a video game is one of those magical things that you must get to reach the next level. Watch “Astrotheology”, seriously.

The steeple represents the phallus of Horus.  So if your church has a giant penis on the roof, you might be a pagan… It’s not an antenna to god… Although Tellinger’s research on the physical application of steeples to harvest energy is profound and worthy of consideration.

And if you’re not happy with these options Serapis Christus predates Jesus by a long stretch. Same basic M.O. That’s worth looking into. They based the whole Jesus thing on him. Right down to the image…

There’s so much more…

So let’s break down some of these important “changes” in more detail. Much of this was done quietly over the years to allow pagans to worship as they had done for years before being forced to convert to Xtianity.

Saying “Amen” after prayers or in exclamation symbolizes and glorifies the Egyptian/Kemet deity Amen. Whether you realize it for that or not,  you are taking part in a symbolic action of significance. Study cymatics and the power of sound to fully understand what saying “Amen” really means and what it does. Michael Tellinger is the man to listen to in respect to cymatics.

Sound, resonance and energy are everything.

Amen is the Black Sun, the Dog Star, the Dark Star, (The Hidden One) Rahu, as known by Vedic astronomy and covered up by NASA. 98% of folks don’t even know there is another “planetary body” out there. That is what causes eclipses, NOT the moon.


Saying “Amen” after your prayer to Jesus does not mean “so be it” like they told us in Sunday school…

It is the deity Amen. Which in Kemet/Egyptian origin was the “Father of Gods”. Which can be associated today with what many call Yahweh.

Ra was the sun of God.

They were later combined to Amen-Ra.
Apep was the “devil”.

The name Jesus was invented in 1612.

This name was created in the early 1600s when the letter “J” was invented by a Frenchman.

So there was no Jesus in biblical times. No written account of anyone name “J” anything.

Previously the King James version of 1611 featured Iesous as the Christ. which arguable means son of Zeus. (Iesus = iZeus or Zeus’ son) Say Jesus out loud with a Spanish pronunciation, do ya hear that “Hail Zeus” now?)  Cymatics baby, a deep understanding of that will make that light go on if it ain’t already. As Tesla said “energy, frequency and vibration”.

Here’s a nice link with some more information on this subject.

The original name for the messiah is Yahusha. (There is some debate on this as well, whether it is Yahushua, Yashua or a few other variations. After spending some time on this I reached the temporary conclusion Yahusha was the most correct name.)

When the bible claims you have the ability to drive out demons in his name, intercede with the Father and attain salvation, ya might want to have the correct name.

So, realize they switched the name, “Jesus” is therefore powerless. It is not the true name. It is a brilliant sham that took place centuries ago so now it seems crazy to even consider what I am telling you now.,.

Here’s a fun cymatics example, using your iPhone you know that if you ask in Siri’s name, she will call Mom for you, look up traffic or the definition to “Pulchritudinous”. But if you ask “Leroy” to call Mom, it will not work. You must ask in Siri’s name. Get it? An understanding of cymatics and etymology help in this respect.

Your iphone understands the energy, frequency and vibration of your words, not your words. It translates the energy, frequency and vibration INTO words. Like an audible key that opens a lock. Get it? Sounds are important in this “reality”. God SAID, “let there be light” and there was light. That’s an important hint on a few levels. Light can be produced from sound. Sound can create things. The frequency range for “sound” is far beyond what we are capable of hearing.

Now here is the important part. If you became a Christian and made a soul contract with “Jesus”, “to come in to your heart and save your soul”, You are possessed by a spirit, that was assigned to the name Jesus, it’s just not the “holy” one you were led to believe…

It would appear to be a brilliant deception to change that name and rob all those unwitting loofs of their souls, all the while they thought they were saved because they went to church and recited a few eternal agreements to give their soul to “Jesus” and such. Jesus, being this name devised in the 17th century that has no connection to any biblical messiah. Regardless of what you were told it means… Reality contradicts that narrative. You just gave “Jesus” your soul. You just got soul-jacked.

Symbolism, ritual and “contracts” are what the core of this is all about and have significance beyond what most realize.

You need to nullify that contract. It is a deception. You can redo the contract with Yahusha. But first you need to do your own research to determine truth. Don’t just believe me.

I’m sure your pastor is a wonderful person and all, but either he is deceived, (like many of us initially were) or he is deceiving. Just accepting his answer and listening to a few videos on the interweb, is not “research”…

The bible tells us to be careful to avoid deception. At the core of this it appears that there is a spiritual war for souls between two entities, to simplify, we’ll just say (evil and good).

Regardless of what the shiny preacher man tells you, it doesn’t matter “what’s in your heart”, or what your intentions may be, you are responsible to not be deceived.  If you are calling your messiah by the name of a pagan god, he is not going to be all that appreciative. You are charged with sorting through all the lies to find truth. That is our purpose in life.

But don’t worry it’s no big deal if you are wrong, it’s just eternal salvation…

If you understand symbolism, this speaks volumes.

The Kings James Bible was edited by 33rd degree mason Sir Francis Bacon. Just because something is printed in the Bible, does not mean it is entirely legitimate.

When you realize what a steeple represents, or the truth behind Xmas, Easter and Sunday worship (as opposed to respecting the Sabbath) the pagan influence on modern Christianity is startling.

These things may appear trivial, but symbolic gestures demonstrate allegiance, knowledge and compliance. They are often significant beyond our comprehension. Baptism would be one such example.

The core of any deception is to create something that appears to be real but has one or more key elements that exclude it from being actual. Kind of like those emails that tell you your Ebay account has been hacked and you need to go there to change it. You click the link, it directs you to a site that looks like Ebay. You enter your old password, create a new one and go about your day. Later you find your real account was hijacked and you are in a hot mess.

If you can’t discern the difference between what is true and what is deception you fail miserably. You could spend your life believing that you were a good Christian only to find that you lost your salvation due to a clever deception.

If “ignorance of the law” is no excuse for your actions when it comes to the state, do you think the creator will look more favorably on it? Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but it is not absolute.

Council of Nicea created the character and image of Jesus after Serapis Christo, they also changed the Sabbath to the Lord’s Day. Violating the 10 commandments.

It appears that respecting the Sabbath (the 10 Commandments) has important significance.

Historic record shows that the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday 364 years after Christ’s death and resurrection, not by the creator or Christ but by men with political intentions to control populations.

In 321 CE, while a Pagan sun-worshiper, the Emperor Constantine declared that Sunday was to be a day of rest throughout the Roman Empire:

“On the venerable day of the Sun let the magistrates and people residing in cities rest, and let all workshops be closed. In the country however persons engaged in agriculture may freely and lawfully continue their pursuits because it often happens that another day is not suitable for gain-sowing or vine planting; lest by neglecting the proper moment for such operations the bounty of heaven should be lost.”

The Church Council of Laodicea circa 364 CE ordered that religious observances were to be conducted on Sunday, not Saturday. Sunday became the new Sabbath. They ruled: “Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday, but shall work on that day.” There are many indicators in the historical record that some Christians ignored the Church’s ruling. Sabbath observance was noted in Wales as late as 1115 CE. Francis Xavier was concerned about Sabbath worship in Goa, India in 1560 CE; he called for the Inquisition to set up an office there to stamp out what he called “Jewish wickedness”. A Catholic Provincial Council suppressed the practice in Norway in 1435 CE.

Revelation speaks of the importance of those who follow God’s commandments in the end times. These are very important passages in defining who will be among those who “enter the Kingdom”.

Revelation 12:17 KJ version says “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, ***WHICH KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here [are] ***they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

***This implies a differentiation between Jews who keep the commandments but deny Jesus, and those “Christians” who accept Jesus but do not respect the commandments.) In other words Faith WITH works.

Rev 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed [are] the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.

And the most important.

Revelation 22:14  Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

So if you still believe that only Jews must obey the Commandments and Gentiles are exempted by “faith”, ask yourself, is it alright for you to break the other 9 commandment? To kill, steal, commit adultery or worship idols? Then ask why do you respect the other 9 Commandments and only throw out that one respecting the Sabbath?

Yahusha was Jewish. “Christianity” was simply a division of Judaism at the time. There were those who believed he was the messiah, and those that did not believe and continued to wait…  Gentiles were really not a big part of Christianity until many, many years later. Attempts to separate Christianity as a purely gentile religion are absurd. Many of today’s Christians don’t even understand that much. They think Jesus was a white guy that more resembles a romance novel character with long flowing hair and perfectly manicured beard.

Changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday is believed to be the core of a clever deception the “false religion” is based on.

If you really think that a day is not all that important, then I suggest re reading Revelation and how it reinforces this validity. In the end, it differentiates those who keep the commandments of God from those who do not and what fate they will suffer.

Why would God make this a commandment if he didn’t think it was all that important? It is a symbolic gesture that demonstrates allegiance. It is also nice to take a day off and rest. NOWHERE in the bible did God, Yahusha or anyone else say that the Commandments or Sabbath were made null and void.

Colossians 2:14-16, used by many to justify this change refers to the sacrificial laws being abolished by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, it does not nullify the Sabbath or the Ten Commandments. Resting is not an “ordinance that was against us”. However slaughtering a prized lamb for sacrifice because you sinned, certainly is.

And, we are not given the freedom to pick and choose one commandment over another if we are to be in compliance with God’s will.

We are responsible for our own directions, to be capable of discerning truth from deception. That is the core of our challenge here on earth. I have studied this one subject for decades and in all my research have found it to be valid. Don’t just believe me, don’t just believe some preacher or friend or family member, do your own research. This is your responsibility, no one else’s.

Bottom line, if you think it doesn’t matter what day you worship God, consider this. If Revelation implies that you will lose your salvation by not following the commandments, (respecting the Sabbath for example) then you would help secure your salvation by switching to Saturday from Sunday. (Provided you follow the rest and have the faith of Christ.)

If all this is incorrect, I have found nothing that says you would lose anything by doing so.

Is it worth the risk after everything you have done otherwise?

Actual Hebrews were dark skinned people that fled to W Africa after Romans destroyed Jerusalem. Many are said to have been brought to the U.S. in the slave trade. The identity was forced out over centuries to where many don’t even know who they are anymore…

I know there are a hundred other stories and contradicting evidence to support all of them. But after 40 years of sifting through haystacks of bovine feces for needles of truth, this is what remains…

Symbolically this is all rather important in one’s quest for the “meaning of life”…

Aside from all that, what many call the Christmas tree, was in origin the pagan god of everlasting life. Dec 25th was traditionally the birthday of gods like Mithra, Horus, Tammuz, Serapis Christus and the rest. The Winter Solstice Festival or Saturnalia was celebrated by many during Christ’s time and long, long before.

Communion, is a flesh/blood sacrifice ritual. But it’s ok, it’s grape juice and crackers for the good God… Not like the ritual flesh/blood sacrifices of that evil devil.

But didn’t ya ever wonder why you needed to eat the flesh and drink the blood of this Jesus character to get to heaven?

This is why you need the “faith of a child”…  to beLIEve that.

On another note, we have never been presented with this option…

What if part of the challenge of this life was retaining control of your soul among all the soul trapping schemes devised by organized religion?

Every religious system demands your soul whether it be selling it to Satan, giving it to Jesus or Mohammad, Xenu, Trump or whomever.

Seems like a harvesting scam if you break it down.

If all we are is energy, then wouldn’t that deity now control our energy and therefore grow in power? Seems like a strong motive to create such elaborate traps.

How exactly can one have eternal life when it is the soul itself which is eternal, and you gave it away?

The body is temporary so if the soul is all that you have that is eternal and you give your soul to another entity, what are you left with? if not nothing; you’ve been soul jacked!

I consider the soul agreement itself may be the core deception. Instead of wondering which deity to give one’s soul to…

Logically, to have eternal life/salvation, (= Pass the life challenge and reach the next level) one must retain their soul, because that is all of what is eternal?

So after spending a lifetime considering the only way to salvation was giving my soul to super Jesus (or Yahusha) I’m wondering if it’s best that I hang onto it?

Considering implications of birth certificates; I understand it is a soul contract from birth. Since it is levied on a child without capacity to discern, there is a grace period of 18 years with which the individual has a right to annul. If the soul is not reclaimed before the 18th birthday it is uncontested and ownership is considered valid.

Birth Certificates are kept at the Vatican. In other words, your soul is owned by the Vatican.

The Vatican is arguably controlled by Lucifer.

But on another nother note;  The entire story of the birth, life, crucifixion and resurrection of the messianic figure simply takes a complex explanation of the suns annual movements through the 12 signs of the zodiac and simplifies them with a surface level story.

It also is a way to hide sacred knowledge in plain sight.

Like symbolizing the Amanita Muscaria with an apple in the garden of Eden.

There were 15 other saviors with similar stories before Jesus.

Yes it does not matter what name you call him, or what color, or nationality it’s an allegorical character. Read beyond the surface level for the real meaning…

Here’s a few more documentaries to help enlighten you on that. This will really allow you to understand those on a new level.

If you want to know who/what “God” is, research the Black Sun, that powers the sun and this “reality”…

The Hidden One. Amun/Amen.

Although Google will be of little help in that quest…

I’ll give you one hint, it’s not an esoteric myth… or an antiquated pagan god…

Life is a “challenge”.

The hints are hidden in plain sight.

Directions are whispered in you ear.

You have to figure out truth on your own though.

“May the odds be ever in your favor”…

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