My favorite theory so far is one that I call “The Outerlands”.

***Disclaimer: You will want to have a healthy knowledge of the flat earth theory (= Geocentric model) or the spinning ball theory (= Heliocentric model) before attempting to consider this information. Otherwise this will all sound batshit crazy and your brain may suffer a seriously painful level of cognitive dissonance…

The “Crazy Flat Earth Movement” has exposed the massive lies about the spinning ball fallacy, but hasn’t exactly proven its own point. After all, there are no real images of the flat earth in the public domain either. There is no real flat earth map that is 100% correct. Many have realized the spinning ball earth images are fake, all manufactured. This point alone speaks volumes. Bottom line, there are no real images of earth, in its entirety, in the public domain.

It is said that Earth is far too large to capture, in its entirety, with a camera. NASA admits they are not capable of going any further than low earth orbit. We are limited in range with which to move far enough away to photograph the whole thing. You will realize this if you watch the NASA footage of how they faked the first photo of earth from the highest they were capable of “flying”. (More on that later)

Some say there is a dome preventing us from going any further, others claim it is the Van Allen radiation belts. Regardless, here we are…

Another point is that to take a photo, you need light. Earth is never fully illuminated at one time considering the sun’s path. Which in all legitimate accounts based on actual scientific data is much closer than the 93 million miles NASA sells us…

But to the point, it is likely that there is a total of 33 continents on this plane, most of which exist outside of the realm we inhabit called “Earth”.

I must clarify I’m neither a “flat earther”, or a “baller”.

Both theories fall apart at a certain level. I suspect there is much MORE to it. As if these BOTH were a endless-loop distraction from the true nature of “reality”… Like organized religion and partisan politics…

This theory is roughly assembled from the bits and pieces of related research and revelations that after diligent analysis appear to be “true”…

It is an attempt to deconstruct this programmed foundation, based on lies, and starting from scratch compose a true view of the plane of our existence.

I am not tethered to any theory. I have suspended my belief system entirely and am in the process of rebuilding. I am researching and considering everything. If you have information to support the conversation, that is not already part of the programming and indoctrination, please post it below.

There are many important things to consider.

One is the possibility that they are hiding numerous other continents from the masses.

An important key is in the arctic and antarctic. Various maps indicate they are evidently deceiving us about those lands, as well as the true nature of earth. The actual function and substance of the planets, sun, moon, eclipses and the Black Sun. Using the magic of “science” to baffle us with bullshit under the conditioning that science is infallible, so one must beLIEve…

In other words, yes, we have been lied to about EVERYTHING. But if you comprehend the language of symbolism, it’s all hidden in plain sight.

Notice how those rockets never go straight UP past a point? Nope always sideways… But they have such a convincing excuse… not.

Old maps show Mt Meru, Shambhala, (Eden) and such in the North, now they show frozen wasteland.

By the way, pay close attention to the waterways in the center. It is said that water goes in and out of earth at this point and causes the tides.

It certainly is NOT done by the moon. Lakes are immune to such lunar effect, that is your first clue.

Lakes are not connected to the seas, that is whey they do not change with the tides.

Mt Meru is magnetic. That is why compasses point North.

This map represents the “True North Pole”. Funny how they never take anyone there and instead use that other area they call the North Pole??? Seriously… And all flights over this area are prohibited.

This clip by Wayki Wayki is a good intro.

Symbolism speaks more than words. Indicating one of many entrances to the underworld.

An exceptional clip on the Black Sun. (Amen, the Hidden One) and escaping this domain.

Great info about Antarctica and the fact that independent travel there is prohibited.

Putting together clues using predictive programming is helpful. I think the TruMan show is a big hint. Especially the ending where he sails across the sea to escape…

Earth is said by many to be an enclosed system, a motionless plane protected by a dome/firmament. 

This clip has some great info to challenge both heliocentric and geocentric model fallacies.

The sun makes a circular path across our plane. This timelapse demonstrates this point.

Note the hour signs. Going around and back. Not circling a globe.

Apollo faked the moon landing.  All images of earth in the public domain are composites. NASA was founded by Nazis from Operation Paperclip. The heliocentric model gained its prominence shortly after with the massive help of media programming, largely promoted by Disney and the TV networks.  Here is a fine example of Disney’s early indoctrination from a time when most people believed earth was flat and it was considered “crazy” to believe earth was round.

They faked the photos of earth from the Apollo mission.

Here’s how they did it using official NASA footage, released by mistake.

The photos they release today are composites done in photoshop, by their own admission.

The planets are not  terra firma. Not spinning rock balls.

They are sonoluminescent energy at specific frequencies.

NASA images of planets are CGI creations… Their Mars rover is actually in Greenland/Devon Island. That was exposed awhile back and they use the standard excuse, “we were testing”… Although when squirrels, birds and clouds get caught in the pictures from “Mars” things get “interesting”…

I think any “visitors” (aliens) are coming from the outerlands. There are reportedly 33 continents, most are outside of what we call earth, yet on the same plane, beyond the firmament. Admiral Byrd was an explorer that documented land beyond the poles as well. Following this, Operation Fishbowl and Highjump are very interesting to study in relation to the firmament. Oddly after firing nukes at the sky they claimed women’s hairspray aerosol had made a hole in the ozone layer… I always knew that was bullshit. Now it appears they damaged the protective dome.

The interesting thing here, hidden in plain sight are the leafs surrounding earth in the logos. They represent the other continents outside our boundary… count them, There are 33 in all including earth’s continents. Isn’t 33 a special number?

Earth is motionless

Earth has been scientifically proven to be motionless, on several occasions using various different means.

Michelson Morley, set out to determine the earth’s rotation speed. They failed to measure ANY movement. They concluded it could be two possibilities, either Aether was not present, or earth was motionless. Einstein chose the latter and changed his theory of relativity as a result.

Sadly he was exposed as a shill when the Sangac experiment proved the existence of aether and again that earth was motionless.

USAF sponsored Silvertooth experiment proved earth is motionless and aether exists, using better equipment in 1986.

Published E.W Silvertooth , ” Special Relativity ,” Nature Magazine Vol 322 (Augest 1986): p.590 .

Carefully worded to avoid the sensitive subject of motionless earth, it focuses on the confirmation that the aether exists, and delicately alludes to this changing the theory of relativity. Knowing the full historical significance of this confirmation regarding the Michelson Morley experiment and in relation to Einstein’s theory of relativity; motionless earth and the aether, it has profound implications. But you need to read between the lines to get it. And it was very quietly published with no media attention to avoid an avalanche of reality from enveloping the masses.

I know from my own experience as a photographer that if earth were moving, long exposure imagery from earth would be impossible. Any movement/vibration, however slight would blur the image. I can leave the shutter open for minutes and have perfectly sharp images of earth, with stars blurring on anything past 25 seconds.

The sun, moon and stars are moving, not earth.

There has never been any scientific, consistent, repeatable proof that earth is spinning.

Focault’s Pendulum is so inconsistent most in operation today are admittedly mechanized.

The Coriolis effect is inconsistent as well and can be manipulated to achieve different results.


Most Americans are unaware that both solar/lunar eclipses are covered by The Black Sun, not the sun/moon. They never eclipse each other.

Indians/Hindus, Egyptians and many others know. The secret societies are well aware.

Very deep significance in ancient Egyptian and occult practices, this is hidden from the masses, albeit in plain sight. Far more important than a simple celestial body.

To learn some truth about eclipses, you can start in Vedic cosmology it is called Rahu. “Rahu ate the sun”. Follow that rabbit down the hole.

Don’t ask NASA though, they will tell you it doesn’t exist…

Ask why there are over 50 documented eclipses with both the sun and moon on Earth’s horizon…??? I personally witnessed one myself. Proving the earth’s shadow is not affecting phases or eclipses.

Whoops. Earth is innocent… AMEN. 🙂

Most of us saw this in one way or another.

Nobody saw or photographed the moon that day. And the “object” that caused this eclipse was moving the opposite direction of the moon…

“Rahu ate the sun”.

The moon is innocent…

Video playlist with scores of clips on various Black Sun related topics that support this research.

With respect to Egyptian cosmology where Apep/Apophis is said to swallow RA.

NASA and others claim Apophis is an asteroid occasionally threatening earth, that has nothing to do with eclipses.

Many others lump Apep/Apophis in as other names for Rahu/Ketu or Black Sun/Amen, Dark Star, Dogstar, Hidden One etc.

“Apep (Aapep, Apepi or Apophis) was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction who threatened to destroy the sun god Ra as he travelled though the underworld (or sky) at night. Originally Set and Mehen (the serpent headed man) were given the job of defending Ra and his solar barge. They would cut a hole in the belly of the snake to allow Ra to escape his clutches. If they failed, the world would be plunged into darkness.” link

“This dark celestial body has also been called and depicted as “the Black Sun”:”

So Apophis is either an asteroid that’s maybe going to destroy the earth, or another name for the Black Sun. I’ll run with the latter.

This explanation and related footage is exceptional

How many musicians have songs, symbolic of the Black Sun?

David Bowie. Dark Star. He is hinting to us here with symbolism, right before his death, right before the big eclipse.

Black hole sun. Soundgarden

Mr Matrix Keanu named his band Dog Star.

“Black Sun” Death Cab for Cutie.

Jason Aldean, who was performing during the Vegas Massacre has a tattoo with the Black Sun symbolism. Interesting enough it matched quite well to the Illuminati cardgame about Vegas…

Chris Cornell featured this image on Higher Truth and Blackhole Sun. Along with a mountain that could symbolize Mt Meru and a nuclear bomb.

Chris also died right before this eclipse. Along with Chester Bennington/Podesta

Interesting message here? I promise it’s not goodbye –

And here. Before we disappear.

Sort of hints that they “escaped”…

There’s a crazy theory that claims during such an alignment/eclipse a portal is opened where one can leave. How many people “died” in the months before this eclipse? Some very powerful and influential folks. Did they fake their death in advance to buy time so as not to appear startling that after this event so many people disappeared? Or is this portal only spiritual? Did they die naturally, or provoke their own death knowing their spirit could escape the Marix during this time?

That’s all bat shit crazy right? Once you get to a certain level of enlightenment, it starts to be an actual consideration… I can’t say it’s valid at this point, but wildly interesting.

The Black Sun is called the “hidden one” because it is not luminous and rarely visible in the sky except in phases and eclipses. [invisible]

Yet the truth about this is hidden (in plain sight) from the minions. These musicians obviously know something, they are telling us, quietly.

Is this the Black Sun in the path at a staggered distance?

Yeah, I know about sensor overload artifacts for digital cameras can include blacked out sections where light is too bright… I like to consider everything.

“There’s a little black spot on the sun today…

It’s the same old thing as yesterday…”

“There has to be an invisible sun

It gives its heat to everyone

There has to be an invisible sun

It gives us hope when the whole day’s done”

Seems like they all know about the Black Sun, and yet nobody taught us about that in school or on TV, did they? Seems kind of important…

More on the Black Sun here

Moon: Self-luminous?

If the moon was reflecting sunlight, that light would share the same color temperature, quality and other characteristics of sunlight.

Moonlight is not at all like sunlight. Different color temp and characteristics. Moonlight is directly cool, and warmer in the shade. He shows an example of this with thermometer. Sunlight is the opposite, directly hot, cooler in the shade.

Moonlight is 4100-4150 Kelvin

Sunlight is 5000k horizon and 5700k vertical. 6500k overcast.

If it was reflected, it would share these traits.

“In direct sunlight a thermometer will read higher than another thermometer placed in the shade, but in full, direct moonlight a thermometer will read lower than another placed in the shade. If the Sun’s light is collected in a large lens and thrown to a focus point it can create significant heat, while the Moon’s light collected similarly creates no heat. In the “Lancet Medical Journal,” from March 14th, 1856, particulars are given of several experiments which proved the Moon’s rays when concentrated can actually reduce the temperature upon a thermometer more than eight degrees.

So sunlight and moonlight clearly have altogether different properties, and furthermore the Moon itself cannot physically be both a spherical body and a reflector of the Sun’s light! Reflectors must be flat or concave for light rays to have any angle of incidence; If a reflector’s surface is convex then every ray of light points in a direct line with the radius perpendicular to the surface resulting in no reflection.”

So through a litany of simple tests it has become a proven fact the the moon omits its own light.

The Bible makes this distinction. “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.” Genesis 1:16 KJV

Not that we can trust the KJV… I have uncovered some very strong info to indicate it was corrupted and compromised., but that’s another topic… Interesting nonetheless.

Crrow has done some enlightening independent research on the moon.


The “planets” are cymatic frequencies, not terra firma. You can’t land a spaceship on that Buck Rogers…

NASA lies. Provides CGI imagery and pseudo science-fiction.

The planets do not appear to be terra firma. They are cymatic frequencies. Watch this. Live examples make it obvious. When you see a still image it is difficult to see.

Tesla hinted “If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

This understanding certainly makes it possible to understand many of these other points.

Each planet emits sonoluminescent energy at different frequencies. When these sources come closer to us and move further away, that energy affects us. It causes us to think/feel/act differently. This lends some credence to astrology. It’s more simple to realize this effect with the sun as it moves across the sky, the changes that take place based on the strength of this energy.

Dr Rife understood frequency. By determining the M.O.R. (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) of a pathogen he could target that specific frequency with a device he created, using electro magnetic energy he could kill that specific entity while the remains cells and organism were unharmed.

He cured many people from cancer before he was basically destroyed and discredited by the Rockefeller controlled medical establishment…

The point is “energy, frequency and vibration” ARE key to comprehending the universe. That hint is priceless. Tesla was the genius.

The best clip I can recommend on the subject of real reality is this presentation by Michael Tellinger. It covers a wide range of amazing information that has been hidden from the masses.

You really need this to understand what is being presented here. It’s a pile of important stuff they didn’t tell us about as part of the mass indoctrination.

Michael Tellinger – 2017 Sound Resonance Magnetics and Reality

A nice theory about our holographic universe with a little evidence


The spinning ball is the most reinforced lie in our programming. How many times have you seen that imagery on the news, in movies, in school and the like? For fun, count how many times you see a spinning ball in one day/week.

I now come to recognize that whenever I see a spinning globe at the beginning of a presentation, it is a symbol that I am being programmed with disinformation. Funny how you often see that before the news…?

And as part of that conditioning “Flat Earther” was used as the butt of jokes to deride anyone who considers this as crazy, stupid, archaic and antiquated. It is very effective programming.  Like the CIA’s weaponized term “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist” they created in the 60’s to discredit anyone questioning or presenting theories about the Kennedy Assassination. Or today’s new one, “Fake News” to discredit anyone talking about PizzaGate or PedoGate and destroy alternative media sources from exposing the controlled MSM. PedoGate really shakes their foundation… It implicates the elite in some horrific practices.

The Flat Earth Society was a created and controlled source with ludicrous theories meant to turn away critical thinkers from considering this reality.

When I first heard of this flat earth thing, I thought it was bat shit crazy. After 4 years of diligent research, I see what a shallow and diabolical lie this spinning earth bullshit really is.

There is huge body of actual scientific evidence to prove this. Oddly, there is very little to prove the spinning ball, beyond overwhelming media programming.

Now, I will clarify that although I am 100% certain we are NOT on a spinning ball, I can’t say for certain what earth really is. I do consider at this point that it is an enclosed system surrounded by many more continents. Whether earth is round, flat, hollow or a much larger plane surrounded by outerlands, there is not a single real image of earth in the public domain.

Now set all this aside, at this point I strongly consider that our reality is an elaborate frequency propagated simulation. (That’s another topic to be explored in depth) In that case the background of our “existence” is less important. The fact that we have no tangible proof of what our background truly is, it lends some credence to this crazy simulation theory, and the challenge we face.

If you are not aware you should seriously dive in. It will change your entire perspective about life as you know it and expose a pile of lies they are deceiving us with.

When you better understand the plane of our existence, your quest for life purpose and meaning will be SO much clearer…


This simulation we call “reality”.

Now for extra credit points, here’s a pile of fun maps, memes and various inforama.

There are numerous maps that defy the narrative.

And now for a pile of memes…

They’re Real !!!~ Nanotube Elevators into the Aether (Space) Caught on Film


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