You have to understand your programming if you are ever to break free of it.

So out of fear of this “invisible enemy” you have locked yourself in your own cage for weeks, with the TV news blaring, mask on tight, standing 6’ apart from your fellow man, all because the shiny man on TV told you so… And you fail to see how you are following your programming?


You are doing exactly what you were conditioned to do. Even the part where you rage against your fellow man for not obeying… or listening to “Crazy Conspiracy Theories”.  And the brilliant part is it is done in a manner to lead you to believe it is your own will.

There’s no easy/quick way to explain this… It is an intricate and complex system. But here’s a rough breakdown.

One’s action/reactions are conditioned/installed by various mechanisms embedded in News/Film/TV programs/plays/books and other related media. One demonstrates scenarios along with cause/effect conditioning, action/reaction responses to lead you to believe what the appropriate reaction to certain conditions one experiences during reality are. Along with what inappropriate reactions are. All under the guise of “entertainment”.
This works in conjunction with our standardized indoctrination/education system. It is all controlled by the same entities so that each narrative is consistent and repeatable.

People are very much programmed like computers. Computers are based on the same system after all. There are slightly different programming rules but all the same. Humans are more like biological androids than most realize.

                Nothing is real unless it’s on TV.

[The 60 hz magnetic field [Lily Wave] generated from their monitors is like a drug that puts em in a lucid trance-like state. This places one in a submissive condition that allows the programming to be “installed”.  They will do anything the man on TV tells them to do…
 If anyone tries to “deprogram” them, or dares defy the narrative they were led to believe. They are programmed to engage and spew rage, branding one a “Crazy Conspiracy Theorist”.
This mechanism keeps them safely within the construct.

It works just like “Magik”, only we call it “Science” now…
The science of leading one to a beLIEf when all the evidence contradicts it…

Science is the “craft”rebranded. Wizards changed from robes to white lab coats.
This cult requires more blind faith than religion.

The documentary “Minds of Men” is a good recent expose on the coordinated efforts of the CIA to control these mechanisms. There are so many…

The weaponized phrase “Crazy Conspiracy Theory” was a documented psychological operation by the CIA to program people to discredit anything beyond the narrative.

It still works today. Along with the newest program “Fake News”. These “weaponized words” are crafted like psychological triggers. When you hear them one reacts in the capacity of their programming. Whether it be from a Blue/Red [or any other social division] perspective depends on the programming source.

More on that::

Each of these ops are simply applied like updates one downloads to extend capability of the factoring installed operating system.


This is typically initiated by the nightly news and supported by affiliate programs.
For example SNL will run a skit on “Fake News” to reinforce the narrative using a scenario acted out to demonstrate how one should act/react in a certain situation. Other programs follow suit to support the narrative with consistency. Once one has seen this played out and reinforced enough it becomes accepted as “normal” and embedded in the belief system and employed as a natural reaction. The underlying purpose of Seinfeild was to establish/define what was socially acceptable behavior… through orchestrated scenarios of action/reaction. King of the Hill was another fine example. The negative actions were doled out to “crazy” Dale Dribble as what NOT to do if you want to be considered sane and loved by the pack…

Meanwhile, Predictive Programming is another vehicle to achieve disclosure and manufacture consent under the guise of being “Crazy Conspiracy Theory”. Here’s one fine example from American Dad

Operation Mockingbird
is the CIA program that took control of all the TV talking heads to establish a cohesive, approved message using trained agents presented as “Journalists”
Anderson Cooper [Vanderbilt] is one of their most popular and effective assets. But at the highest level trust they are all controlled entities.
If you think the media is independent and not being orchestrated, this might enlighten you.

The Simpsons are legendary for all of their “predictions” there are so many compilationson this subject. Here’s a few

Hollywood OCCULT Predictive Programming – Jay Dyer


So now when you see someone post something against the narrative you run to a Fact Checker and post a “Debunking” piece in rebuttal and scream “Fake News, Fake News” and feel as if you are saving the world…   [“Debunk” is another trigger btw] Meanwhile you have protected your system from internal failure… Yep, once you actually realize it’s all a CONstruct you will need to be [reset].

South Korea’s pending patent on mind control using nanoparticles and wireless signals


Nanotech is the future of control systems but preceding that the lucid state achieved by 60 Hz magnetic fields from monitors have facilitated programming for decades. It’s still in use today. So effective it is patented. Nanotech is soon replacing the metal adjuvants in vaccines.  Might be a good time to take note… If you trust Harvard as a source there are many fines studies to research. The one about “self-assembling nanofibers with neural sensing capabilities” is rather interesting.

The BioAPI integrated control mechanism uses self-assembling nanotech to create an human-computer wireless interface. Replacing the need to install hardwired interfaces for subject control and monitoring.
This is the best section to drive this reality home.

Regardless… Truth is truth whether it comes from Fox, CNN, RT, Wikileaks, or some guy on the interwebs with a Youtube channel. It’s about the “integrity of the information”. The National Enquirer completed disclosure for many crazy realities under the guise of being a “Tabloid”. One must follow the rules of “disclosure and consent”. Everything that is happening now was disclosed to us before it even happened.

This link could answer any other questions in detail, I highly recommend it.

When you realize the underlying truth to this “reality” you’ll fully comprehend that old saying “Everything you know is a lie” It is a big hint…

If you don’t know that is true yet, you have a long way to go in this “challenge”…
Good luck with that.